Nonprofit Branding & Web Development

Nonprofits need the support of constituents, as well as stakeholders, donors, and the community. And a strong nonprofit brand resonates across all of the audiences on an authentic and personal level.

Idea Kraft has helped nonprofits throughout the country develop credible, compassionate brands that generate consistent funding even in a crowded digital landscape. We understand what community members and donors look for when they look to make a difference.

Our mission is the growth and success of your organization. Our branding, web development, and digital marketing strategies use cutting edge digital practices to drive the results our clients are after – whether it’s an increase in funding, engagement, or awareness.

Some of our work

  • Content Marketing / Copywriting / Web Design / Nonprofit

    Prevention Coalition of Broome County

  • Branding / Web Design / Nonprofit


  • Web Design / Nonprofit


  • Branding / Content Marketing / Print Design / Video Production / Web Design / Nonprofit

    High Stakes

  • Branding / Print Design / Web Design / Nonprofit

    Liberty Partnerships Program Statewide

  • Branding / Print Design / Web Design / Nonprofit


Our Team

Idea Kraft is an independent agency with an agile team eager to meet the call of your nonprofit. We’ve helmed public health campaigns and refreshed the identities of many nonprofits over the last 10 years. Learn more or request a complimentart consultation below.

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