Bringing the BCAC website to life

Bringing the BCAC website to life

Alaina GardnerNov 5, 2018

When we have the chance to work with an organization that supports our community’s growing arts culture, we jump on it. The Broome County Arts Council (BCAC) is a local fundraiser, advocate and cultural information resource for the arts community and general public. This year, they decided it was time for a bit of a makeover: a new brand, a new office space and a new website. That’s where we came in.

The Look

The old website didn’t match this nonprofit’s forward-thinking initiatives or passion for art. The grey color scheme and black and white photography lacked excitement. We wanted to bring a little more life to the homepage to make a lasting first impression. Thanks to the creative branding from Rtisry By Design, we already had a spectacular color palette and logo to center our work around. The contrasting oranges and blues help highlight headlines and calls to action, and the shapes from the logo serve as motifs throughout the site. Now, the website has a balance of color, imagery and white space.

The Organization

We improved the site’s functionality by revamping the jumbled and outdated layout. The old pages had no clear hierarchy, making it hard to decipher important information. BCAC wanted to better promote their members, educational opportunities and community events to create a valuable, intuitive resource hub. We featured those key goals on the front and center of the homepage. In addition to creating a more comprehensive community calendar, we also delegated a section of the website for showing off artwork by students, community members and BCAC members.
The website finally embodies the level of sophistication BCAC merits. They’ve been doing critical work for years, but now, they can do it in style.



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