Idea Kraft is proud to unveil the new logo and website for this year’s Re-Kraft winner, the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation. Dedicated to preserving Rod Serling’s legacy, the foundation saw the need for an updated web presence, and more modern, consistent branding.

We worked to develop a logo that honors the heart of the foundation, and a more navigable website with a cleaner look and feel to increase membership.

The Logo

When reviewing the assets that the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation had, we were drawn to a caricature created by Rod’s friend Johnny Hart. This drawing already had equity within the organization and we set to develop it further into a fully fleshed out logo. We added text and made the drawing more graphical for ideal implementation.


Rod Serling caricature
Rod Serling Memorial Foundation old logo
The Rod Serling Memorial Foundation


Rod Serling Memorial Foundation logo
Logo and color palette brand guidelines for Rod Serling Memorial Foundation

The Website

Rod Serling’s contributions to the Arts and Humanities are significant. The Rod Serling Memorial Foundation wanted to emphasize Rod Serling’s achievements beyond the Twilight Zone. The previous website housed many archival materials and educational resources, but they were disorganized and hard to locate. The site wasn’t responsive, text was hard to read, and it lacked hierarchy.

We explored two redesign options that better aid the Foundation’s pledge. The client chose the more traditional of the two options, with a grid-based structure that would be easy to update with new material.

The clean and modern layout is optimized to increase members and educate the public, while making resources more readily available and presenting information in a more digestible and organized manner.


Rod Serling Memorial Foundation old website


Rod Serling Memorial Foundation new website

This work is absolutely gorgeous. WHAT A GIFT! We are so very grateful.

Jackie Stapleton, Advisor