Environmental Design & Branding

Designing human-centered spaces, places, and systems.

Every space has an identity. Environmental branding translates that identity into a visual system that tells people not only where they are but where to go and what to expect from their experience. Design, wayfinding principles, and architectural expertise all come together to form a powerful sense of place.

Where does Environmental Branding belong?

In short: everywhere. Interior and exterior spaces can benefit from environmental design – including restaurants, retail stores, historic districts, municipalities, park systems, and so many others. Environmental design and its branded components can make any area easier to notice and use.

What We Do

Idea Kraft partners with architectural and engineering firms to design branded wayfinding systems that convey a powerful sense of place.
We use environmental design principles and graphic design expertise to create physical elements that are as eye-catching as they are easy to see and read.

Featured Case Studies

  • Branding / Illustration

    Triple Cities Innovation Corridor

  • Branding / Print Design / Web Design

    Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce

  • Branding / Print Design / Web Design

    Progressive Dental

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