3 newly launched nonprofit websites: How we empower charitable organizations to succeed

3 newly launched nonprofit websites: How we empower charitable organizations to succeed

Alaina GardnerOct 28, 2022

A well-designed website has the power to help an organization grow and succeed. We recently launched new websites for these three nonprofits.

Crime Victims Assistance Center

Crime Victims Assistance Center (CVAC) provides free counseling and support to crime victims and offers education, an advocacy program and several resources to the community. They were in need of a new website that would feel safe and easy to navigate, and be easy to update with resources and events.

We design for your users.

Like many nonprofit organizations, CVAC has more than one audience and it’s important that the user experience (UX) supports those audiences. We included a “quick escape” feature, should a visitor need to exit the website quickly if they are being watched.

Resources are easy to access, featured events are prominent and applications and forms make it easy for staff to manage panel events, accept payments and seek new employees and volunteers.

In addition to designing and developing a new front-facing website, we developed a password-protected section of the website with an organized document library for advocates. Once logged in, those with access can download organized PDFs and other resources.

New CVAC website homepage showing services and "get involved" and "donate now" calls to action

Crime Victims Assistance Center website design

Syracuse Community Connections

Syracuse Community Connections (SCC) offers extensive programs and services focused on addressing food insecurity, basic needs and infant care items. They came to us in need of a website that would reflect their growth and changing needs as an organization, having started out as a family planning service and expanding to offer much more. A major goal was awareness of the services they offer.

We know funding is important and your time is valuable.

We helped integrate their third-party donation system, applying best practices to encourage donations. We also customized the back end of the website to save staff time when updating content such as program information. This ensures up-to-date information for visitors and fresh content to appeal to the younger population, while also remaining simple to use for older adults less comfortable with technology.

Father and daughter welcome image on SCC website homepage with weekly and monthly services and "donate now" call to action

Syracuse Community Connections website design

SUNY Morrisville Liberty Partnerships Program

SUNY Morrisville Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP) is part of the statewide program designed to support at-risk middle and high school students in their academic, social and emotional development. They provide services, activities and opportunities to students. In addition, they support teachers and benefit the community. Initially, they had only a page on the SUNY Morrisville website, and they were in need of a full website to showcase all that they do and to raise awareness about the program.

Your followers are your advocates.

One key to awareness is sharing the events and showcasing the areas they support. They had an excellent library of images, so we set up galleries and integrated social media links to help them build their online presence and following. We trained their staff to share events, pictures and important updates to better show all that they do.

SUNY Morrisville Liberty Partnerships Program website homepage with image of students

SUNY Morrisville Liberty Partnerships Program website design

Each of these websites are designed not only to be visually engaging, but also to meet the unique needs of these nonprofit organizations. They save staff valuable time, aid growth and provide resources to visitors in a way that is user-friendly and encourages donations.

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