The Client

Broome County Mental Health Department

Idea Kraft has worked with the Broome County Mental Health Department to build public health campaigns on several topics, including safe prescription drug disposal, underage marijuana use, and youth mental health. The Broome County Mental Health Department is an important advocacy group that speaks to some of the most pressing issues faced by this rural region in Upstate New York.

How We Helped

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The Problem

According to a 2023 study from the FDA, 
1 in 4 youth use an e-cigarette device daily.

In Broome County, teens were just as hooked. Policies against vaping on school property did little to stop students from doing it wherever they could. Any time they couldn’t vape, withdrawal would set in and cause depression, anxiety, and an inability to focus.

Schools were in serious need of a public health campaign that would show young people just how bad vaping is for their health, finances, education, and future.

A Fact-Forward Approach

We knew the campaign would have to disprove myths about vaping without alienating the students who already vape. A negative tone – one based on contradiction and conflict – wasn’t going to work.

That’s why we took a highly intentional approach, using research provided by the Broome County Mental Health Department to build a campaign based on the concerns teens actually care about: the cost, the impact on their mental health and appearance, and the difference between cigarettes and vapes.

We aimed to give young people honest and compelling messages that spoke to their vaping-related concerns, and then deliver those messages in the physical and digital spaces they already occupied.

Teen-Approved Content

With the research in mind, we started working on all the assets: organic social posts, social ads and stories, posters, videos, and flyers about nicotine cessation.

As the visuals and copy started to take shape, we stayed in close contact with the Broome County Mental Health Department to get their input. They even organized a focus group of teens who were able to give us some great feedback about which graphics and ideas resonated with them most.

The final direction was a bold, graffiti-based style that wasn’t too polished and would catch a student’s eye in a school hallway. The messaging was also teen-approved, with conversational language and nonjudgmental, easy-to-digest information.

A Cohesive & Dynamic Campaign

Of course, vaping addictions can’t be addressed in school alone.

We knew it would be important to reach teens where they already spend their free time – on Snapchat, YouTube, and even TikTok. Our team created a digital advertising campaign with a presence on all those platforms and initiated a push during holiday breaks, when teens would have more free time.

Our team also developed a branded landing page, where school administrators and teachers could easily find resources on vaping, as well as sample policies and all campaign assets packaged into a toolkit.

A Cohesive & Dynamic Campaign

We did a lot of research (and a lot of scrolling) to find TikTok content creators who would be a good fit for the Broome County Mental Health Department’s message. Dr. Noc, as he’s known on TikTok, couldn’t have been a better fit. As a physician who takes a playful, FAQ-style approach to answering medical questions, he was the perfect person to explain to teens how vaping causes short- and long-term health problems.

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The Result

Public health campaigns aren’t about selling or even convincing. They use psychology and creativity to solve real world problems negatively affecting entire communities.

The Rethink Your Vape campaign wrapped up with higher-than-average view rates on both YouTube and Snapchat. The ad campaign ran on YouTube for two months, receiving 384K impressions and 59K views. The Snapchat campaign also averaged a high view rate of 75%, with 479K total impressions. On TikTok, the Rethink Your Vape influencer campaign reached 290K total campaign impressions and 1.3M organic views.

By partnering with Idea Kraft, the Broome County Mental Health Department was able to provide Broome County schools with tools designed not just to appeal to students but to change their mindsets in a lasting, healthy way.

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Organic Impressions

“Idea Kraft was instrumental in launching our ‘rethink your vape’ initiative, effectively engaging community stakeholders. They seamlessly transformed our vision into a compelling media campaign, reaching the community online and through tangible tools for schools. Their tailored social media content was not only convenient but also timely, accommodating numerous content edits with ease. Thanks to Idea Kraft, we’ve increased awareness and exposure to critical public health strategies combating youth vaping. Grateful for their dedication and impact on our community.”

Nikole Hurlbert, Reality Check Coordinator
Tobacco Free Broome and Tioga
Broome County Health Department