Website Design & Development

A top-tier website turns good first impressions into fulfilling user journeys and satisfied customers.

A well-designed website builds believability and trust. On the other hand, a poorly-designed site can drive customers away. Therefore, we apply our combined experience in web development and branding to provide an outstanding web experience.

What We Do

UX Strategy & Design

Content Audit
UX Strategy
Project Roadmap
Audience Analysis
User Flow
Web Design
Web Messaging

Web Development

Responsive Design
Intuitive Content Management
UI Animation
Third-Party Integrations
Web Content Accessibility

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

On-Page Optimization
Backlink Strategy
Keyword Optimization
Search Console Verification
Google Sitemap Submission
Alt Text, Meta Descriptions & Title Tags
Search Appearance Setup
Google Analytics Setup

How We Do It


Information Architecture

Site navigation is restructured to best represent the company’s offerings and make the website as easy as possible to navigate. We consider the company’s goals, audience research, and user behavior when organizing site navigation and content. High-quality user journeys improve everything from traffic rates to SEO performance and brand awareness.



First impressions are almost completely based on design. We start with your branding, and then create mock-ups to make your website look outstanding.



Sometimes it’s the things you don’t see that matter the most. Our developers apply best practices, making your website fast, secure, compliant and easy for you to manage. We know that a website is an investment, so we build websites to last.

Google on MacBook Pro at Idea Kraft office



Search engine optimization helps your target market find your website. We have the tools to make your website rank higher than your competitors. As a result, you are found by your key market.

Featured Case Studies

  • Branding / Web Design / Nonprofit


  • Branding / Print Design / Web Design / Manufacturing / B2B


  • Branding / Print Design / Web Design / Consumer Products / B2C

    Pleasant Valley Wine Company

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