Client Spotlight: NYMAC & The Power of Brand Consistency

Client Spotlight: NYMAC & The Power of Brand Consistency

Mary CatalfamoJul 14, 2023

A new branding or rebranding project is an exciting step for any organization. Especially with consistent application, new branding is more than a new start; it’s a long-lasting foundation for the future.

The New York Mid-Atlantic Caribbean Regional Genetics Network, a nonprofit genetic network that hired Idea Kraft for an extensive rebrand and website development project, demonstrates this exceptionally well. But don’t take our word for it – see for yourself!

Idea Kraft had the opportunity to chat with NYMAC Project Coordinator Patricia Bish about the rebrand, how they’ve continued to use their brand guidelines, and how the guidelines continue to serve NYMAC. Read our conversation below!

The Background

Idea Kraft: Can you describe what your branding was like before?

NYMAC: The previous NYMAC branding was essentially a colorful map of the states we serve within our region of the US. While that was visually useful for our website visitors to see a snapshot of the states we served, it didn’t lend itself well to the graphic design of other products or social media posts.

IK: What drove NYMAC to seek new branding?

NYMAC: Our branding was essentially outdated in appearance and we were also given two new territories under the NYMAC umbrella, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, that we needed to incorporate in the new branding design. We needed to create a brand that was inclusive of those territories, was a friendlier design that we hoped would be more appealing to families, and we wanted to be able to use the same NYMAC acronym. So, we went from being the New York Mid-Atlantic Consortium for genetic and newborn screening services, to the New York Mid-Atlantic Caribbean Regional Genetics Network.

The Rebrand

IK: How did the new branding reflect NYMAC’s identity, goals, and mission?

NYMAC: The logo says it all! Idea Kraft hit a slam dunk with the logo design symbolizing each individual, whether it be a provider, patient or advocate, surrounded by a genetic symbol and connecting the individual to all of the many genetics resources NYMAC has to offer. The colors are also friendly and appealing.

IK: NYMAC has done a great job consistently and intelligently using the new branding on their own. After the launch, how did NYMAC continue to apply the branding independently?

NYMAC: NYMAC has worked with a highly skilled social media team who understands the importance of brand recognition and the need for always maintaining brand guidelines within their graphic design and content creation. It lends a higher level of professionalism and consistency to our messages.

Image courtesy of NYMAC

The Impact

IK: What has been the biggest benefit of having new branding and branding guidelines?

NYMAC: It’s really leveled the playing field for us to be able to compete for the reader’s attention with a more current brand appearance. In conjunction with our social media efforts, we seem to be engaging a much more diverse group of people through our social media efforts and, ultimately, seeing increased traffic to our website.

IK: How has the new branding helped your organization grow and evolve?

NYMAC: I believe the fresh new look of our NYMAC logo, our new website design, and extensive resource content has appealed to a wider audience, including our Spanish-speaking audience. Idea Kraft helped to create new web pages in Spanish with expertly placed videos and graphics. They also created eye-pleasing and easy to navigate event pages for the NYMAC annual conference in both English and Spanish, as well as individual team pages for all of the states and projects in our region.

The Takeaways

IK: Why did you decide to work with Idea Kraft? 

NYMAC: Idea Kraft was recommended to NYMAC by Ferre Institute, Inc., which is a local nonprofit genetic counseling organization. Idea Kraft had developed four websites for Ferre, and we liked the fresh look and content design produced by Idea Kraft. Idea Kraft took into account that we were a nonprofit organization working on grant funding. The staff at Idea Kraft are very attentive, and the turnaround time was excellent for design and support requests.

Image courtesy of NYMAC

IK: What advice would you have for other similar organizations that are considering refreshing their identity?

NYMAC: I would tell those organizations that they need look no further. Idea Kraft has all of the skills and tools necessary to create what you need and will work elbow-to-elbow with you to turn your ideas into a unique and polished brand that meets your organization’s mission and goals.

In need of a brand identity with immediate impact & long-term potential? Look no further.

NYMAC’s journey is proof that the end of a branding project is just the beginning of a new life for your organization. And Idea Kraft can help you get there. Get in touch today to schedule a consultation!

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