Transforming Enough is Enough TTA’s Website

Transforming Enough is Enough TTA’s Website

Mary Catalfamo and Alaina GardnerDec 5, 2023

It’s been almost 10 years since the law known as Enough is Enough took effect, which required year-round sexual assault prevention campaigns and survivor advocacy programs at NYS higher education institutions.

One of our most recent clients, Enough is Enough TTA (Training and Technical Assistance), is a NYS entity that provides recent resources on best practices, as well as peer support and feedback, to EiE campus advocacy groups and other providers.

Serving providers is a deeply important mission, but the lack of structure and poor overall design of their old website was getting in the way of that mission. EiE TTA (or TTA Center) turned to Idea Kraft to elevate their website technically and aesthetically, creating a user experience that makes a positive difference.

Identifying the Pain Points

The old website hosted a lot of valuable material – from toolkits to resource guides, webinars, and training – but it needed to be reorganized in order for the advocates to find what they needed. EiE TTA said some resources were even going completely unnoticed.

The old website’s outdated, inaccessible, and unresponsive design was also preventing visitors from successfully navigating or comprehending the site. To add to users’ potential frustration, the website’s search function was also broken.

Researching & Defining an Approach

After consulting with TTA Center, we knew we needed to restructure the website for a seamless and responsive user experience.

EiE TTA gave our web development team in-depth research on the needs and pain points of each segment of their audience, including campus advocates, crisis advocates, and funders. They also gave us great insight into their operations and what their staff would need on the backend.

It was the exact in-depth research we needed to create a data-based project roadmap and UX strategy.

Improving Functionality & Structure

The EiE TTA website was supposed to be a practical place for providers to find resources, as well as onboard new providers and get peer feedback. But it lacked the clarity and functionality to fulfill its mission.

Idea Kraft worked to bring it to its full potential, developing a cohesive website that organized and clearly labeled all publicly available resources, as well as provider-specific services – including a secure portal with a community forum.

Revamping EiE TTA’s technical functions was just part of the challenge. The web design had to be done with extra attention to UX journeys, so it would remain cohesive while accommodating both public and provider-only needs.

Crafting a Seamless Experience

A website that delivers on its premise is one thing. But we wanted to give EiE TTA a website that went beyond reliable functionality and logical structure.

We started by giving the interface itself a user-friendly makeover. We made the website accessible for people of all abilities, and added inviting and easy-to-find CTAs guiding each audience to the path that made the most sense for them.

Engaging graphics and rich jewel tones create high contrast that makes every element pop, while tight-shot imagery gives the website a more personal feel.

Balancing Multiple Needs & Strategic Outcomes

The EiE TTA is funded by a grant through the Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence. The technical training center itself consists of two other bodies, the New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault and the New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

Balancing the needs of several stakeholders requires strategic thinking and open communication. Our team assessed the reasoning behind each request as it came in to make the best recommendations and ensure overall solutions were unified.

As a result, the final website was designed to accommodate current needs and allow staff to easily swap out materials, add content, and post new career opportunities.

A Powerful Tool for the Public & Providers

EiE’s new website doesn’t just function better; it functions in a way it never did before, giving providers and members of the public alike an up-to-date tool on sexual assault prevention and education they can use with confidence and ease.

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