5 Things Every Credit Union Website Needs

5 Things Every Credit Union Website Needs

Mary CatalfamoSep 14, 2023

There’s a lot to love about banking at credit unions, especially ones that have a legacy of service to their communities.

An elevated website that draws on your credit union’s history shows more than a strong legacy. It shows a strong present and future in the financial sector, while growing your membership and providing a first-rate experience to current members.

Find and reach new members in your target audience with a website that includes all the hallmarks of modern banking, including:

1. Brand Consistency.

It’s hard to overstate the value of trust, especially for financial institutions. A first impression isn’t the only chance you have to instill trust but it might be the best.

Make that impression count and level the playing field among your competitors with an impressive, modern, and cohesive brand identity. Hiring a professional branding agency to create a new logo and brand guidelines ensures that they’ll be designed for a variety of digital and print applications.

Far from diminishing your credit union’s established reputation, the right logo and brand guidelines will capitalize all of the hard work your company has done over the years and allow you to stand out with a one-of-a-kind identity.

2. Community Connection.

If your credit union serves people in a particular profession or region, we don’t have to tell you what a great advantage that can be. People trust institutions with deep roots in a community – and for good reason.

Make that loyalty a facet of your credit union website through visual and written messaging. Working with Guthrie Community Credit Union, which has been serving Northeastern Pennsylvania since 1979, Idea Kraft highlighted their legacy and nodded to the area’s rich locomotive history with a new logo.

Pairing the region’s story of prosperity with their own lends credibility to their brand while reaffirming a sense of commitment to the community at large. The visual language is one that members in Northeastern Pennsylvania can immediately identify with.

3. Intuitive Navigation.

Choosing where to bank is complicated enough. Don’t add to a potential member’s burden with an overwhelming website layout.

While it may be tempting to organize content by category or to provide all the content someone could need on one page, this may create the opposite of a helpful user experience. To convert a visitor into a member, your website should be organized according to their user journey.

In more technical terms, this falls under IA (information architecture), UX (user experience), and UI (user interface) design. Working with professional web developers and UX/UI designers will ensure your website’s layout is backed not only by design experience but also by user behavior research.

4. Adaptable CMS.

Who doesn’t appreciate good communication? Your members definitely do, and the information you add (or don’t add) to your credit union’s website is a big part of that communication.

Keeping your members informed of the latest relevant news, like new leadership or hours of operation, and providing them with fresh content isn’t just reliable. It’s proactive communication that builds loyalty and offers a leg up over larger and less personable institutions.

That level of communication requires a CMS (content management system) that’s easy to update over time, which is why our clients use WordPress. For credit unions specifically, a user-friendly CMS makes it easy to replace outdated information and maintain a robust resource center for members.

5. Top-Notch Security.

Unfortunately, keeping your website updated is no longer enough to keep it completely secure from online attacks. Threats to the safety of your website and client information evolve quickly – on a weekly or even daily basis.

That’s why Idea Kraft’s website hosting capabilities provide around-the-clock protection with automatic updates, 4x a day malware scanning, and full data backups every night. Our experienced web developers are also just an email away to address any requests or immediate problems.

It just goes to show that website security doesn’t have to be stressful, complicated, or time consuming to be effective.

Invest in success.

A credit union website can be so much more than a portfolio. Your revitalized site can actively attract new leads, helping to generate a greater profit and higher dividends for your loyal members.

Get in touch with Idea Kraft to learn how we can help with credit union web development or rebranding projects. We’re ready to put our technical expertise and wealth of marketing knowledge to work for clients in the Northeast and beyond.

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