The Client

Triple Cities Innovation Corridor

The Triples Cities Innovation Corridor is the hub of Broome County’s innovation economy bringing together research-based anchor institutions, creative and forward-thinking companies from startups to corporate leaders, and public investment in placemaking, entrepreneurship and workforce development.

How We Helped

Visual brand identity
Marketing strategy
Brand support


As innovative ecosystems in Broome County continued to grow due to NYS funding, the need for a consistent brand, platform, and marketing outreach strategy was crucial. The goal of the project was to create a unified branding strategy for the Triple Cities Innovation Corridor and its three Innovation Districts (iDistricts) within the city of Binghamton, the village of Johnson City, and the village of Endicott.

Brand Story

Blending the essence of three distinct municipalities to form a holistic voice and brand story required research, surveying, and client collaboration.

The Triple Cities Innovation Corridor brings together the best of Binghamton, Johnson City, and Endicott to push us all forward. We envision a tomorrow where our downtowns are revitalized for future generations through private and public investments in technology, the arts and sciences. Where vibrant and walkable neighborhoods are home to innovative startups, world-class culture and tomorrow’s in-demand jobs. Where our colleges and businesses uplif t today’s innovators— from entrepreneurs to artists— with capital and mentoring. Honoring the innovative spirit of the area’s past, we’re taking the best of yesterday and building upwards.

Because when we team up? There’s nothing we can’t do.

Our Approach

Working closely with the stakeholder team, Idea Kraft considered audience, messaging, and longevity as we built out a branding system that consists of a parent logo, as well as sub-brand hierarchy for individual iDistricts. The project delved deep into typography and color systems to create a fully functional system for multiple users and organizations.

The brand guidelines created for this project serve as a launchpad for all brand elements, from visuals to messaging. Idea Kraft created a Brand Story for the Triple Cities Innovation Corridor as well as an elevator pitch for each iDistrict.


Based on the brand architecture, we explored ideas for streetscapes to create community identity and awareness. Conceptual iterations of three branded streetscape elements: ground plane (pavers, paint, stamped concrete), mid-level (benches and planters), and overhead (banners) were developed by one of our strategic partners, Whitham Planning Design Landscape Architecture.

Together with the brand story and visual elements, the Idea Kraft team created a marketing strategy that focuses on the collective power of strategic partnerships to unify the brand and voice and the development of foundational marketing tactics to aid in the presentation of the brand and exchange of information to target audiences.

Our marketing strategy outlined key collaborative marketing objectives and goals, identified primary target audiences, and determined a chronological sequence of marketing activities that utilized available resources while building assets for future foundational marketing channel development.