Keep a close eye on these 6 branding trends in 2023

Keep a close eye on these 6 branding trends in 2023

Torie FinchJan 17, 2023


Trends allow us to gauge the pulse of the environment around us. The result of our reactions and responses to the changes in communication, technology, and everything in life spawns a movement, a rebirth. 2023 is set to prove that our emergence, from the issues that kicked off this decade, has changed us. It’s our experiences that matter most.

Trend #1: Put it in motion

Whether your page features words or art, set it into motion and grab attention. Animation is the entry point to engaging your audience. Information shared through animation is a hit. Take Google with an icon that morphs into various things, reminding the audience of all the possibilities Google offers. Likewise, Mastercard provides a view of things you can buy with the card. Animation allows your brand to send a defining message quickly, concisely, and visually establishing an immediate connection.

Trend #2: Bring it to life

Bring your brand to life with video marketing. Businesses are creating videos on social media platforms and finding great success. TikTok is no longer just for kids. Brands like Go-Pro, Duo Lingo, and Aha have built followings on Youtube and Tik Tok. Short-form content, the true darling of video content, is the new commercial, but better because it’s not interrupting what you really want to see. Instead, it becomes the main attraction and allows your audience to get to know and interact with you. Under the heading, “We’re a Newspaper,” The Washington Post is pulling views from non-readers with their creation of humorous yet informative videos presenting the news we all need to know. Dr. Squatch inventively features UGC videos on its homepage, creating a conversation and a relationship. Establishing your brand’s presence doesn’t have to be a chore. Keep it simple with informative or funny posts that give your audience a view of your authentic identity.

Trend #3: Build unity

This year make an effort to build a community. The product of spending a year and a half in isolation is an intense desire for community that has shifted to online platforms. Smart brands have moved beyond providing products and facilitating the conversation to developing a dialog and a relationship with their audience and creating groups people want to be a part of. It makes good business sense. 66% of online communities have improved customer retention, and 55% of companies say online communities have resulted in increased sales. Consider the forerunners in community development–gaming and cosmetics–to get an idea of the level of success that can be achieved. Playstation’s gaming community has expanded from kids to professional esports gamers. PS users can easily share ideas, communicate, compete, and be rewarded for all of it. This simplicity drives sales and has made PS the most sought-after console. Sephora created a one-stop environment that provides tutorials, forums, and UGC content that consumers had to find via multiple platforms. Extend your reach to social media platforms and keep comments turned on. A conversation can’t happen without you, so make sure that responses are made regularly. It is work that will pay off in the new year!

Trend #4: Color

Colors have been a big part of brand identity for decades. And while you don’t have to choose one of this year’s colors to represent your brand, this year presents such a beautiful palette you’ll want to incorporate these hues in your messaging. Last year’s tones were earthy and muted, while the offerings this year are represented by pastels and bold hues and all have a lush richness that offers eye-catching potential for social media or packaging. A current trend has been to create contrast with the rich tones, which lends to an overarching retro feel. At the same time, minimalism is no longer reflected only in black and white. Pastels and simple designs can convey the same sense. Experiment and find a style that speaks to you and reflects your brand.

Trend #5: Just your type(ography)

The need for simplicity fostered an era that was sans serif. Our need to break free, combined with the backward glance that every generation seems to do, has led to a funky, bold, retro-inspired typeface. In Nike’s two latest campaigns one combines Y2k colors and filmography and alters the look of their lettering while giving the feel of a tag artist’s work. Both add a new spin on typography reminiscent of the respective eras in lieu of Nike’s traditional bold san-serif typeface. Expect to see typography styles that reflect the recently retroed era of the 90’s and early 2000’s. Styles like Liquid Chrome, Mall Goth, and Vintage Slim Serif (which was a throwback in the 90’s).

Trend #6: A personal experience

With the internet cutting back on 3rd party cookies, the collection of 1st party data has become more important. In short, 1st party data is collected by sites you actually visit with the intention of finding ways to make your experience on the site better. 3rd party data is data usually collected by other sites for the purpose of advertising. A common result of 3rd party data is those mysterious banner ads that follow you everywhere on the web. Brands are changing actions to create a better, more personalized user experience since search engine algorithms want to offer the best experiences across all your platforms. Improving UX to ensure that the painstaking work of design and storytelling reaches your audience is a priority.

Wrap up

The mantra of the message is to engage and connect. Remember, trends are born out of the issues of the time and of hope for change or resolution. This list offers opportunities to create a unique approach to building solid connections. So add a few of these techniques to what you are doing. Consider being a part of conversations and moving beyond just proving your authority to strengthening your connection to those who support you. Show them who you are with visuals of color, typography, and motion graphics, and then go further to engage your audience. Let them know your brand through videos, comments, and feedback. Create a conversation, and you’ll earn people’s loyalty.

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