How to Launch Your New Brand: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Launch Your New Brand: A Step-By-Step Guide

Erinn KovitchMay 3, 2024

Congratulations on your new brand! Now that you have these shiny new assets at your disposal, it’s time to focus on the next step: the brand rollout. 

At Idea Kraft, we’re here to support you in this crucial phase. Whether you’re seeking ongoing brand assistance or managing the brand rollout independently, we’re here to provide guidance and assistance. Below are the steps you can take to ensure a successful launch of your brand identity.

1. Plan out and schedule the launch ahead of time.

Launching a brand should never be spontaneous; it requires planning and strategic execution. Scheduling your brand rollout ensures all assets are ready to go and alleviates any last-minute stress. 

You will need to think beyond just showcasing your new visual components. Integrating your brand narrative into the launch adds depth and resonance. 

Consider explaining the rebrand by highlighting what prompted the change or what the new brand signifies for the future. Now is a good time to build content around your new mission statement, value proposition, and brand story. Reference those brand guidelines!

2. Perform an audit of your asset library.

Your brand exists across various platforms and materials – not just your logo and website. Before launching, review and update all your collateral accordingly. This can include stationery, email signatures, newsletter templates, social media channel identification, social post design, proposals, and signage. The goal is to prevent conflicting brand identities from appearing in the same space. 

This step is particularly vital for brands with both a name change and a new logo. Conduct a thorough audit of your materials to remove outdated assets from your brand library. 

3. Identify your audiences and adjust accordingly.

When announcing the launch of your new brand, it’s vital to acknowledge your audience’s diversity and adjust your communication strategy accordingly. While a general awareness campaign might be suitable for some organizations, others may benefit from more focused, targeted messaging. 

For example, a nonprofit will need separate messages for the people it serves, its community stakeholders, and its internal team. Each group interacts with the nonprofit in dramatically different ways, necessitating tailored messages to their specific needs.

4. Get your team up to speed.

Staff members are often involved in a rebranding process to some extent. However, if members of your team haven’t been previously engaged, now is the time to bring them up to speed. It’s crucial for employees to not only understand the changes made but effectively communicate what the rebrand will mean for the organization moving forward.

Provide your staff with the newly created Brand Guidelines document, which covers the purpose, mission, values, elevator pitch, and brand story. Your employees serve as brand ambassadors, so it’s essential for them to confidently articulate the brand mission and vision.

5. Launch that brand (at the right time)!

With your team fully prepared and your assets ready to go, it’s time to launch your rebrand. 

Consider aligning the launch with a significant occasion, like an annual meeting, an anniversary, or an important gathering. You can also potentially link the occasion to a press release or other media event. 

As your brand begins to gain traction, it’s important to anticipate varying opinions and reactions from your audience. Keep a close eye on your social media channels to monitor any questions or comments from your audience. Be prepared with statements affirming your dedication to the brand.

Idea Kraft is here to help you see it through.

Don’t forget to enjoy the excitement, congratulate your team on their hard work, and feel proud of what you’ve achieved. Think of your new branding as an opportunity to re-engage with your audience and spark excitement about the future!

At Idea Kraft, we know firsthand how a new brand represents a fresh start. We’re here to help at all stages of the rebranding journey, from the first concept to a comprehensive and compelling launch. Schedule a consultation to get started!

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