A New E-Commerce Website for Eastern Metal Signs and Safety

A New E-Commerce Website for Eastern Metal Signs and Safety

Alaina GardnerJan 3, 2020

We recently launched a brand new e-commerce website for Eastern Metal Signs and Safety, a leading national manufacturer of work zone safety products. After merging with USA Sign and rebranding, Eastern Metal Signs and Safety was in need of a new website, with a modern interface and an improved online shopping experience. Another goal was to differentiate their Custom and Commercial division from their Traffic Safety division. They wanted to grow their Custom and Commercial division, but the old website did little to encourage that. We solved this by making it visually distinct, with imagery, call to action buttons, and improved form design. Now customers can easily contact them for Custom and Commercial quotes.


Idea Kraft shot new photography to better showcase products in use, and introduced brand assets that are professional and updated. We reduced visual clutter, enabling products to stand out on a clean grid. Typography is easier to read, and this modern and clean appearance allows Eastern Metal Signs and Safety to stand out from competitors. Visitors see real people working behind the scenes instead of stock photos, which is especially important for a company that prides itself on customer service.


As the company grew, the back-end of their website had become outdated. Orders were hard to manage, and product specifications were only available in separate PDF documents. This is bad practice because it takes users away from the online store. Also, none of this data was searchable.

We worked with Eastern Metal Signs and Safety to completely overhaul their product database, making it easy for visitors to find and buy products. Another major selling point of Eastern Metal Signs and Safety is their XPress program, which allows customers to purchase standard items to be shipped out within 24–72 hours—one of the fastest delivery times in this industry. Unfortunately, there was no way to order XPress on the old website!

We introduced one-click XPress shipping. In addition, we added product specifications to the online store to improve searchability and SEO. Products are now easy to find based on customer needs. The navigation is better organized, and the design is responsive and optimized for mobile. Everything is integrated on the back-end to make it easy for staff to manage orders in one place. This overhaul allows for a more intuitive shopping experience.





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