How to build your brand – Looking beyond the logo. Part five: Voice

How to build your brand – Looking beyond the logo. Part five: Voice

Erinn KovitchJul 29, 2020

“Every interaction, in any form, is branding.” Seth Godin

At Idea Kraft, one of the most repeated mantras we have when kicking off a branding project is that a logo is not the only element of branding. While the words “brand” and “logo” are often used interchangeably, a logo is just a piece of the brand. It may be the most forward-facing piece, but it works in unison with many other elements to create a brand in its entirety. If all the elements are not considered, you may end up with a weak brand that takes away from your brand experience. If your overall brand is disjointed, you won’t resonate with the audience that you’re trying to reach.

In this series, we will take a look at all the elements that build a brand: Color, Photography, Typography, Illustrations, Tagline, Voice, and Culture & Values. These elements should be used together in a cohesive and thoughtful way that not only solidifies your brand but elevates it.

For more information and an interactive guide on how to create your brand from the ground up, email us for a copy of our Build Your Brand guidelines.


When developing a brand, people often focus primarily on the visual elements – logo, fonts, colors. Your brand’s voice is an equally important, though often overlooked, piece of the puzzle. It is how your brand conveys its personality, and it informs how your brand interacts with customers on an individual level. When applied to your website, social platforms, brochures and sell sheets, the language and tone you choose should be a defining characteristic of your brand.

When developing your voice, think of your brand as you would a friend. What are its defining personality traits? Is your brand assertive? Funny? Sarcastic? Calming? Choose carefully! These traits communicate who you are as an organization to the rest of the world.

Need some inspiration as you hone your brand voice? We’ve rounded up four companies that demonstrate the value of a strong, clear voice.

1 – Zinus

Zinus is a popular mattress company that makes shopping for something as mundane as a mattress fun! Their brand voice is approachable, casual and charming. Their website includes fun facts alongside customer testimonials, and their packaging instructions are simultaneously informative and friendly.

Zinus Web

2 – Dove

Known for beauty care products for women, Dove’s brand voice is inclusive, empowering and nurturing. No matter who you are, Dove makes you feel confident and beautiful.

3 – Wendy’s

Knowing your audience is key to developing your brand’s voice. Wendy’s has gained national attention by tapping into the online culture of Millennials and Gen Z and tweeting savage burns at their competition and naysayers. Not for everyone, but perfect for a fast food chain, Wendy’s increased their Twitter engagement and brand awareness with a sarcastic and edgy brand voice.

4 –Frida

When it comes to parenthood, it isn’t all smiles and Instagramable moments. Sometimes it can be downright dirty. Frida stands out in the marketplace by candidly speaking to the realities of new parenthood. With copy that doesn’t shy away from boogers and post-natal care, they address the less-than-perfect world of parenting in an approachable and funny way.


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