How to give good feedback to your web design agency

How to give good feedback to your web design agency

Josh WahilaJan 13, 2023

When communicating your revisions and new ideas to your web design agency, things can sometimes get lost in translation. Here are some tips to help you communicate what you need done and where it is located.

Give good directions

Navigating your website may be second nature to you, but to a design agency that sees many websites a day, some GPS help is crucial. Use exact page names or section titles, and describe the route to get there. Giving good directions prevents web developers from getting lost, saving you time and budget. Directing us to the right place is the first step in describing a revision.

Trust the experts

Think logically about what you are asking and about feedback from your web design agency on your requests. We know from experience if something will not work well, and we can recommend a better way to accomplish your revision. Trust that we’re here to provide you with invaluable advice and suggestions to consider in order to make your website follow best practices. Example: If a photo is in portrait orientation and you want it in a landscape oriented area, the image may have to be cropped.

Use visuals

Specify exactly what needs to be changed and where. This prevents our web team from having to search for where the edits need to be made. Prepare and explain your thoughts and ideas clearly. Use examples from other websites to help illustrate your points. Provide screenshots or even draw on them to highlight or illustrate more confusing edits.

Come prepared

Provide paragraphs with copy edits already completed. It’s easier to copy and replace entire paragraphs than editing words, or parts of sentences, and also requires a lot less explanation! Provide high resolution images whenever possible for the proper application. Example: A low resolution image cannot be the background image of a full screen slider without being stretched and blurry.

Organization is key

Tidy up your revision documents before sending them back to us. As we complete your revisions, remove them off the list for later revision rounds. It is best to only send a condensed list with outstanding action items to avoid confusion or clutter. This makes it easier for everyone to get a clear picture of how much is left to be done, and exactly what the outstanding action items are.

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