Why mood boards matter in branding

Why mood boards matter in branding

Erinn KovitchMay 4, 2016

Mood boards (sometimes called inspiration boards) are used in a variety of disciplines and for good reason. Our clients, very often don’t have a specific vision for look and feel of their brand, catalog or a website. That’s why they hire us. But even if you have a super talented team and your work is excellent, its easy to misread client expectations.

That’s why to begin any major design project, we begin by looking for inspiration, which is then compiled into a cohesive set of mood boards. Ideally, each project has around 3 different broad directions we want to look into. For example “Bold and Bright” might be a theme we want to explore. Creating mood boards is an effective way to come up with original concepts that make our clients happy.

Items that might be included on the mood board are color palettes, font combinations and photography styles. By gathering this information up front, it sets the stage for a conversation with the client about their likes and dislikes. This makes it easier to begin a project and prevents multiple revisions happening later on. Once the mood board has been finalized, it serves as a reference point to guide the rest of the project.

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