Meet our new Web Developer: Alaina Gardner

Meet our new Web Developer: Alaina Gardner

Ewelina HoldregeFeb 24, 2017

We are excited to welcome Alaina Gardner to our Idea Kraft team! Her years of experience with development and design can bridge the gap between the technical and the visual to bring the best experience to our clients.

Why did you want to work for Idea Kraft?

I had been following Idea Kraft’s work, so I had the pleasure of seeing the active growth that’s taken place here over the past couple of years. I’ve always been impressed by the level of community involvement, and the quality of work produced by Idea Kraft. Digital design is my passion, so to join a team that’s very actively growing and inspired by the creative and tech industry is a dream come true. Once I saw the office space, I knew it was a place to thrive creatively. I truly believe Binghamton is on its way to becoming a center for art and design, and I’m thrilled to be a part of that!

What is your favorite thing to do in Binghamton?

Ride the carousels! You can make a summer adventure of it when friends visit. The best is the dog at West Endicott Park.

Favorite Movie?

About Time. It’s this beautiful movie with some quirky humor in the beginning, and I won’t spoil the ending, but the final sequence is my absolute favorite. I actually have the music from the end sequence right on my phone just so I can remember that part of the story when I listen to it.

It’s about a guy who can time travel—he finds out from his dad that he gains this ability when he turns 21, and that his dad had it too. The ending will simultaneously make you cry and make you joyful, and I relate to it in more than one way.

Design Crush

Gavin Strange! I got really into designer toys and I loved both his Computer Arts Projects crest cover, and the simplicity of his Droplet toys. They capture design perfectly in 3D form. I’d love to attend one of his talks.

Last book or show you binged watched?

I’ve been addicted to Computer Arts Magazine for years, and Computer Arts Projects back when that existed. Lately I’ve been reading Net Magazine. I also got really into the Toolsday podcast, by Chris Dhanaraj and Una Kravets, and caught up on a bunch of past episodes when I first heard it.

Wacky Fact?

I’ve seen most of my favorite musicians from the front row, sometimes at small shows they didn’t advertise along their tour. One of the best was an acoustic show Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World played in Ithaca.

Best advice for future web developers/designers?

I’d say if you’ve ever come to a moment of looking at design or code you’re stunned by, don’t just have that “wow” moment and then leave it. You probably have some designers and developers you aspire to be like, but maybe they’re the biggest names in the field and you’re just starting out. Inspiration is so vast now with connectivity across the globe, that you can look at the best you’ve seen out of hundreds of thousands and it’s easy to walk away feeling that “wow” but thinking, “I can’t do that.” Instead, look at it and ask yourself what you love about it, what’s amazing about it? What separates it as the best work you’ve seen? You can usually break it down and by literally sticking with something you feel like you can’t do for just a few moments longer, you can learn so much.

Best Pizza Topping?

Pepperoni, unless you count stuffed crust as a topping.

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