What is A Wayfinding Project, And How Can An Agency Help?

What is A Wayfinding Project, And How Can An Agency Help?

Mary CatalfamoJun 2, 2023

Places that feel friendly, welcoming, and safe all have one thing in common: They’re easy to navigate. They’re easy to navigate because – despite their many differences – they use environmental design principles to improve the “wayfinding” experience.

There are many reasons to hire both a creative agency and a landscape architecture firm to elevate your wayfinding project. But, before we get into them, let’s answer the question:

What Is Wayfinding, Exactly?

In design disciplines, “wayfinding” means gaining a sense of direction from your surroundings. Wayfinding is heavily impacted by environmental design, which includes everything from signage and interior design to lighting and landscaping. It’s essential to the flow of exterior and interior public spaces, both large and small.

Why Hire a Creative Agency for Wayfinding Projects?

  1. To create a design ecosystem.

    Even simple environments are rarely one-dimensional. For example, a small neighborhood park might be part of a larger, city-wide system of parks. And a strip of local restaurants may depend on the crowds attracted by a nearby theater.A design ecosystem recognizes and celebrates these intersections. While a landscape architecture firm is necessary to make those connections, a creative agency can translate them into compelling brand identities.

    That’s what Idea Kraft did for the Triple Cities Innovation Corridor. We partnered with Ithaca-based landscape architecture firm Whitham Design to develop an innovative branding ecosystem that combined the forces of three neighboring towns – the city of Binghamton, the village of Johnson City, and the village of Endicott – while still maintaining their distinct identities.

    This project gave the Innovation Corridor a unified strategy and vision to use as they sought sources of long-term partnerships and investment opportunities.

  2. To make an eye-catching design.

    Without professional artistic direction, you might have to rely on signage design that’s been done before. And that’s not ideal – especially for a rebranding project.Working with a creative agency that offers branding and marketing capabilities ensures that you’ll receive original, high-quality brand guidelines. These guidelines can be applied to directional signs, building directories, floor maps, and digital assets.

    Original graphic design work also has a practical purpose: to catch attention! Afterall, signage isn’t very helpful if people don’t notice it. Working with an experienced graphic designer will ensure that your signage is both creative and compliant with local and state laws regarding official signage.

  3. To create branding that reflects the space.

    The only thing more comforting than knowing where you are is knowing what kind of space you’re in.A landscape architecture firm can handle the first part. But a creative agency will be able to communicate a lot about a place – including its history, personality, and even its reinvented identity – with a strong visual concept.

    Colors, typography, fonts, and logos need to work together to convey an authentic sense of the area. Having a professional creative partner on board may even allow you to incorporate fun elements, like illustrations of local landmarks.

    A creative agency can also help you avoid giving the wrong impression about a place through inexperienced artistic choices. You may want to emulate a certain style, but professional art direction will tell you whether it works in the context of your particular project.

  4. To design a brand new identity.

    The potential of opening a new business is exciting, but nerve wracking. Make the most of that potential by hiring a creative agency to help you lay the groundwork.Idea Kraft was tapped to create a new visual identity for the office building Link Park, which was proposed to open in Upstate New York. Our team placed an emphasis on Link Park as both an office space and a community for professionals.

    We designed logo options that reflected Link Park’s people-first focus, as well as its proposed architectural layout and facade. We also provided website mockups to accompany each version of the logo.

    Getting in on the ground level allowed us to fully integrate almost every aspect of Link Park’s mission and identity.

Ready to find your brand’s direction?

Good wayfinding design isn’t decoration – it’s part of what makes a space friendly and functional to humans. Get in touch with Idea Kraft to see how we can help your project find its path.

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