Idea Kraft partners with Binghamton Chamber to win national award

Idea Kraft partners with Binghamton Chamber to win national award

Ewelina HoldregeJul 24, 2018

When the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce president and CEO, Jennifer Conway, came on board in 2016, she partnered with Idea Kraft to spearhead a rebranding campaign. This year, that campaign earned the Award of Excellence in the Communications Excellence awards sponsored by the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE).

ACCE highlights top communications and marketing work of chambers of commerce around the world and has received thousands of entries since the Awards for Communications Excellence launched 34 years ago. Winning this award is an excellent recognition of our branding work and a great accomplishment for both organizations.

We helped the Chamber undergo a complete brand overhaul with a new logo, a new tagline, custom printed materials and a revamped online presence. Their new slogan, “We’re here to build a Greater Binghamton,” guided our creative vision and helped re-spark energy in the community. Helping the chamber, in turn, helps over 800 member businesses and nonprofits connect and better access the resources they need to thrive.

Our branding was inspired by Binghamton’s historic cityscape. We enhanced these features with the color palette of the surrounding rivers and natural attractions to form a logo that offers a fresh perspective on a growing city; it respects the industrial foundation while embracing a new era of community vibrance, economic growth and business advocacy.

We are honored to be recognized by a national organization, and we embrace this momentum to keep expanding our design initiatives.

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