Unlock the Power of Clarity in Content Marketing

Unlock the Power of Clarity in Content Marketing

Mary CatalfamoMay 16, 2024

Your product or service makes life easier for customers. But the best content marketing doesn’t just say that. It demonstrates how.

In copywriting especially, clarity goes beyond well-worded promises about what a product or service can or will do. It can give your audience a direct experience of the results, so they feel completely confident about choosing your brand the first time and every time after that.

Here are our tips for using copywriting and content marketing to create clarity and value even before a conversion.

Define your audience.

It may seem counterintuitive. If we’re trying to create clarity about the product, why start by thinking about the audience?

But the answer is pretty simple: To reach the people you want to talk to, you need to know who you’re not talking to. Copy that casts a large net may feel like a safe bet, but it can provoke more skepticism in your intended audience than trust.

At Idea Kraft, we believe that if you try to talk to everyone, you won’t end up speaking to anyone. That’s why we start web copywriting projects with a brand messaging process that includes audience segmentation, customer interviews, and a target audience overview.

Learn what they already care about.

Now you know who you want to reach. The next step: talk to them! If you have the opportunity, ask past clients about the problems they face on a daily basis.

Customer interviews, as well as online forums and discussion boards, are invaluable ways to learn about the specific challenges your target audience is already paying attention to. Conversations like those can be a gold mine for content marketing ideas.

The goal is to identify a pain point that your product can address. But a helpful piece of content that isn’t directly related to your product can still work wonders for brand visibility. It can also be great top-of-funnel content that leads your audience to other parts of the website.

Features are great. Benefits are even better.

Now that you’ve identified an audience and a problem, it’s time to think about framing the solution. We recommend an old standby: benefits are better than features.

Imagine you’re writing a social post to announce an update to your inventory tracking software. A feature of that software update might be “lightning fast processing,” but the benefit to the consumer is something else. It might be that warehouse managers won’t have to deal with buffering.

When highlighting product benefits in your copy, you don’t have to use a salesy tone. (“Make buffering a thing of the past!” etc.)  All you want to do is give your audience a vivid picture of the results, without making them use their own imaginations.

Trying showing instead of telling.

Demonstrations in your content marketing don’t have to look like infomercials. Demonstrations can be as simple as laying out a process step-by-step or as dynamic as a video, animation, or gif.

For example, Figma doesn’t directly advertise a “demonstration” on their website. But that’s exactly what their website provides – and in a subtle, clever way. There’s a heading on the homepage called “Align Your Team” paired with an animation that shows how a user would do just that using their product.

The CTA button leads to a longer page with more in-depth examples of the ways one might use their collaborative design platform, complete with videos that demonstrate just how easy and sophisticated the experience is.

Let customer success speak for you.

When it comes to creating clarity around your content, it doesn’t get much better than showing exactly how the product has helped those in the same situation as your target audience.

To make success stories even more effective, pinpoint the specific problem one of your customers was having and explain how the product helped with tangible results. If a case study sounds overwhelming, ask for a quote testimonial to highlight on Instagram, LinkedIn, or your website.

Video testimonials are another great idea. Idea Kraft can produce, shoot, and edit video for clients in a variety of fields, including nonprofit, B2B, manufacturing, and more.

Your content marketing and digital strategy partners.

Prioritizing clarity and value not only attracts your ideal audience but also cultivates lasting trust and loyalty. So, whether you’re refining your website copy or crafting social content, remember that clarity isn’t just about the right wording. It’s about strategy.

Idea Kraft is here to help clients in any field craft a digital content and marketing strategy that creates conversion-driving clarity. Get in touch to schedule a consultation or learn more about setting your campaigns up for success with Blake Collazo’s 5 W’s of a Strong Marketing Plan.

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