Brand Messaging Made Smarter & More Effective

Brand Messaging Made Smarter & More Effective

Ewelina HoldregeFeb 26, 2024

At Idea Kraft, we believe doing our best work means constantly evolving and refining the way we work – on our own and with our clients.

That’s why we have recently decided to expand our copywriting capabilities with a dedicated messaging and content development procedure that goes beyond the strengths and limitations of traditional copywriting processes.

Our messaging and content development reimagines the brief as a creative collaboration between agency and client. This discussion is what we use to create web copy that accelerates brand growth, as well as a touchstone document for all future messaging.

How It Works

A brief is a creative tool. But clients are often asked to fill it out without context or guidance.

Our messaging and content development starts with an in-depth client workshop to discuss client responses and cover each section of the brief together. Inviting this close collaboration early on allows us to dig deeper and get to the core of brand identity.

Once the brief is completed, we then synthesize all of the information into a guiding document with audience analysis, brand pillars, positioning, voice, and a brand story. This research and strategy can then be used to write website copy that engages and converts, setting your brand up for a successful and profitable future.

Brand Story: Row Partners goes beyond project management. Row Partners is project leadership. At Row Partners, we believe that the project process should be innovative and thoughtfully designed as the spaces we build together. We apply more than thirty years of real-world experience to each and every project, proactively turning obstacles into opportunities and guiding teams through the ups and downs of the project process. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond the basics of project administration — setting up meetings, taking notes, tracking project costs and progress — to deliver thorough project leadership — providing consistent guidance, facilitating decision-making, engaging directly with teams — from due diligence to close out.

We outlined each step of the process below.

1. Client Workshop

It all starts with a discussion. We cover your vision, as well as your brand and its position in the minds and hearts of your audience.

2. Messaging Development

We take what we learned from the client workshop, project stakeholders, and customer interviews to create a Messaging Handbook that outlines exactly what sets your brand apart.

3. Content Development

This research and client-approved strategy gives us the clarity and direction we need to write web copy that fits your brand like a glove and makes you easy to find.

What’s in the Messaging Handbook?

Messaging Handbook: Audience personas Market differentiation Brand positioning Process outline Credentials, testimonials, success stats Brand Story

  • Audience personas
  • Market differentiation
  • Brand positioning
  • Process outline
  • Credentials, testimonials, success stats
  • Brand Story

Why It Works

Audiences are more likely to choose a brand with a message that implicitly understands their hopes, fears, and goals. Idea Kraft’s messaging and content development helps your brand show all it has to offer. That’s much more convincing than simply telling them.

Brand Story: When New Americans Trive, We All Thrive. There is no one path to building a new life in a new country. At the American Civic Association, we help new Americans move forward on their path with confidence and peace of mind. The ACA provides assistance with everything from work authorization, job prep, and translation services to refugee resettlement and naturalization. As a nonprofit with no government affiliation, our clients trust us to advocate for them at every stage of their journey. Since its founding in 1939, the ACA has continued to evolve into an inclusive nonprofit staffed by new Americans and other highly experienced professionals. But one thing has never changed: our mission to help new Americans achieve self sufficiency, professional success, and personal fulfillment. Because we know firsthand that when New Americans thrive, we all thrive.

Make Your Brand Message Matter.

Idea Kraft has 10+ years of experience working with a variety of clients, from nonprofits and manufacturers to B2B and direct-to-consumer brands. We’re seen how strong messaging can support virtually any organizational goal, from heightened awareness to long-term growth.

Ready to get started? We know we are. Get in touch today to schedule a consultation and tell us more about your brand.

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