Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Alaina GardnerNov 19, 2019

Off-Page SEO generally refers to how other websites interface with your website – through linking, listing in directories, and more. Key factors are:


Backlinks are essentially any time someone else’s website links to yours. These are important as Google sees them as ‘signals’, or a vote of confidence, from another site. The idea being, if a lot of other websites are linking to you, you must have valuable content that Google should link to as well. Developing or earning backlinks is a key part of SEO. While there are many professional SEO tools that companies use to create and nurture links, you can do some yourself as well.

Action Items: encourage suppliers, customers, local organizations (like chambers of commerce), etc. to link to your site. Use tools like Link Explorer to find where your competitors links are coming from, and visit those sites to see learn how to have your site linked as well.

Social Signals

Social media has become one of the dominant forms of communication over the past decade. Signals to Google that you have a robust social media presence with engagement from other people helps to boost rankings and again gives Google a vote of confidence that you are legitimate and valuable.

Action Items: Integrate your FB, twitter, IG feeds into your website to display on page.  Regularly use social media platforms and republish your blogs or other internal page content on to those platforms. Link from Social Media to your website, and have others share and interact with those links. Ensure full profile completeness with descriptions etc. across social media platforms.

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