John Bielenberg visits Idea Kraft; Think wrong, do good at the YP Summit

John Bielenberg visits Idea Kraft; Think wrong, do good at the YP Summit

Alaina GardnerOct 21, 2019

Idea Kraft attended the 2019 YP Summit, a leadership conference for millennials which included the choice of several breakout sessions. We saw John Bielenberg, AIGA medalist and co-founder of Project M and Future Partners present “Think Wrong, Do Good”—about breaking the status quo and using creative problem solving to facilitate social good. There was a lot to take away, so we were fortunate to have him visit the Idea Kraft office and chat with us in more detail about thinking wrong and his experience in the industry. We learned about The Think Wrong Institute’s unique twist on design thinking, covered some great stories and gained actionable insights.

Ewelina Zajac-Holdrege with Paul Sahre and John Bielenberg

Idea Kraft team chatting with John Bielenberg at the office

We also attended Johnny Cupcake’s presentation, which was fun and inspiring—he’d even hid goodies under each seat to demonstrate the power of personalization. He spoke about marketing innovation, building brand loyalty, and packaging design—right up our alley. We all want to visit his Boston storefront now!

Photo from Johnny Cupcake’s website showing the inside of his T-Shirt Bakery

At Idea kraft, we’re always looking to immerse ourselves in the industry and communities where we can expand our knowledge and bring back fresh ideas. After spending the day surrounded by creative thought leaders, mingling with Paul Sahre, and chatting with John Bielenberg, we left feeling invigorated and ready to tackle the design challenges we love.
These are some insights that resonated with us as design professionals.

“Seeing both Johnny Cupcakes along with John Bielenberg at the YP Summit offered insights on shifting your thoughts on business and community impact. Small ideas can make a difference and can have a chain reaction as long as they are acted on.” —Jocelyn Bailey

“My takeaway from John Bielenberg was that we need to take time to look at challenges and projects in a different light. The first answer is not always the correct answer, it takes a different mindset to develop a unique solution.” —Collin Bigart

“I like how Johnny Cupcakes describes packaging as a mini billboard for your company. It reinforces the importance of not only packaging design, but the power of branding, experience design, and how the details really matter.” —Alaina Gardner

“As a designer, the idea of creating experiences really struck me. Clients often are only familiar with the surface level visuals of branding. Thinking on a larger level really showcases how branding goes beyond just a logo and how to really make a company shine.” —Erinn Kovitch

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