hello Binghamton: The Second Edition

hello Binghamton: The Second Edition

Erinn KovitchDec 19, 2018

For the second year in a row, we partnered with eatBING to create the hello Binghamton guidebook. Locals might know eatBING from their biannual event, Restaurant Week. But this group of committed small business owners wanted to promote even more than Binghamton’s diverse food and beverage culture.

hello Binghamton is a stunning visual piece that shows off the area’s best spots, from bars and festivals to community gardens and boutiques. Each organization is showcased through custom photography to make their unique service stand out in this 68-page, full-color book.

For the second edition of the publication, we wanted to maintain the look and feel of its predecessor– textured photography and balanced content in a compact, square layout. (To read more on how we approached this project from scratch the first time around, you can check out our case study here.) But we also needed to bring something fresh to the project.

The new cover photo captures a sense of wonder and life. With vibrant greenery and families enjoying the summer weather, the Discovery Center served as the perfect backdrop. New restaurants like Craft and Dos Rios also gave us the opportunity to go on more mouth-watering photoshoots, and we knew photos should continue to take the lead in content. While quality, concise copy relays important information, sharp imagery initially captures people’s attention and draws them in; the copy follows as supporting detail.

hello Binghamton lets readers hold this city’s growth in the palm of their hands. When readers pick up hello Binghamton, we hope they learn something new. And maybe get just a little hungry, too.

Email marie@lostdogcafe.net to get your copy!

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