The Client


eatBING is a group of committed, small-business owners wanting to promote the diverse, innovative food and beverage culture in Binghamton, NY.

The Challenge

Create a Book that Captures the Essence of Binghamton

The client came to us with a pretty clear direction of what they wanted. The project was funded by grants and had already been planned out as far as content. Over 50 far local businesses—ranging from restaurants to art galleries to hotels—had chosen to participate. Each venue needed custom photography showing off their business, which would be showcased in a 72-page, beautifully designed, full-color guidebook.

Idea Kraft was responsible from start to finish for this beautiful piece. From the branding and illustrated maps used in the directory of the book, to the food styling and project coordination of the photography itself, Idea Kraft got a taste of everything Binghamton has to offer.

The Look

Portable, Playful, Powerful

The goal for this piece was to make a guidebook that captured attention and traveled well. By making it square, we had the best use of space for imagery and text. The compact size easily allows someone to toss it in their bag as they’re venturing around the Binghamton area.

The way in which the photographs are displayed also plays a big role. The Idea Kraft team didn’t want the book to be overwhelming to look through, so limited the amount of images shown. Each business got one beauty shot, supported by secondary images. We staggered the way in which the secondary images were displayed, whether through insets or stylized tabs. This allows the viewer to go through the book without it feeling repetitive.

Another element that was included in the book was the hand-drawn elements. The logo and the maps were specially created for this project. The stylized maps make it easy for a viewer to find the location they are interested in and which section of Binghamton to find it.

The main focus of this book is the photography. Other local guides tend to have a broad scope and don’t allow the space to really highlight specific locations beyond a few words and a small thumbnail image. As a result, they’re easy to toss aside. We wanted to create something that really stood out and drew you in. The food images needed to be mouthwatering, the locations unique, and show people being fulfilled. By offering a variety of venues—from restaurants to farms to hotels—the viewer is fully immersed in the Binghamton lifestyle and can’t but feel drawn in.

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