The Client

Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce

We first worked with the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce on a rebrand in 2016. So we were thrilled they decided to return in 2023 – this time for a complete website redesign and development project.

What We Provided

Web Design & Development

Empowering all businesses with the opportunity to succeed.

We worked with the GBCC to elevate their website with dynamic visuals, community footage, improved accessibility, and an overall streamlined experience.


  • Boost an already growing membership
  • Streamline site maintenance
  • Highlight members and top investors
  • Make sure visitors understand the GBCC
  • Update theme & clean up backend of the website

Our Approach

We started this project the way we do whenever possible: by surveying GBCC stakeholders.

Once chamber members and staff told us about their pain points and preferences, the must-haves became clear. The new GBCC site had to be visually elevated, easy to navigate, easy to maintain and update, and scrubbed of outdated content.

Setting Up for Future Success

Moving the site onto a premium WordPress theme was a big step toward better functionality, better visuals, and much better security. We then started thinking even more strategically about how to give the chamber an easier experience on the backend.

We started with a fresh database to speed up the site. Our team then simplified the process for frequently updated items, like the Chamber Report, and added custom features that made page building efficient. Third-party integrations were also added for seamless use.

Those adjustments alone were going to save staff a lot of time and keep the community informed. The new framework will also make future additions and archiving a breeze.

Laying the Groundwork with IA & UX

User feedback came in handy once again as we started work on a User Experience (UX) and Information Architecture (IA) strategy.

One of the biggest challenges we had to tackle was a lack of defined audience pathways. Potential chamber members and other visitors didn’t have clear paths to the information that was most relevant to them.

But – before we could create those paths – we had to reorganize the content, much of which was outdated and needed to be archived. After that, our web team restructured the site navigation to be more intuitive and better display all of their services and programs.

The newly designed homepage funnels visitors to appropriate information and calls to action based on what they’re likely searching for. We also introduced motion elements to naturally direct the eye to high-priority areas.

A Modern Look for a Modern Organization

The chamber loved the community-focused rebrand Idea Kraft completed in 2017, which included a new logo and brand guidelines. But their old site was too buggy for a facelift.

Now – with a development overhaul under their belts – it was time for a makeover. Idea Kraft started by elevating the homepage and subpages with modern, less cluttered layouts.

A fresh color palette elevates the new website and fully embraces the GBCC’s brand. Our web team also introduced motion and footage of the community to keep visitors engaged while browsing.

University Green

Susquehanna Teal

Otsiningo Green



When reorganizing the layout, we aligned with the chamber’s goal to highlight their members and recognize top investors. We got rid of the stock photos and replaced them with event images and photos that emphasize community.

More streamlined and cohesive messaging reduces the cognitive load on visitors, ensuring they understand the GBCC and how to get more information.

Adapting to Shifting Priorities

This project did call for a few changes in scope and priority – which is more than okay. In fact, it’s exactly what we plan for.

At Idea Kraft, we always factor unexpected changes into project roadmaps. This time was no different. When a new development came up, we readjusted the scope and timeline to keep the project on track.

Throughout the course of redesign and redevelopment, we also worked with the GBCC to implement new ideas that aligned with project goals. Open communication is what helped us keep the evolving project on course.

Putting their Best Foot Forward

By putting members at the forefront visually and functionally, GBCC’s new website positions the organization for growth and increased use of services. Its refreshed design and dynamic motion elements better represent the chamber’s modern approach to supporting big and small businesses alike.

“Not only did the team at Idea Kraft produce a high quality, beautiful website, but they were also extremely easy to work with, highly responsive, and made each of our requests a reality.”

Stacey Duncan, President & CEO of GBCC