Markets of Broome

The Client

Markets Of Broome

Markets of Broome is a collective of five regional farmers markets: Binghamton Farmers Market, Broome County Regional Farmers Market, Little Italy Endicott Farmers Market, Vestal Farmers Market, and Windsor Farmers Market.

But the collective isn’t just for their member farmers markets. Markets of Broome offers an online directory of different vendors, which anyone can use to find fresh, sustainable produce and specialty items available at the member farmers markets.

What We Provided

Web Design & Development

Their Vision

Markets of Broome is an all-in-one resource for information on farmers markets and local agriculture in Broome County. But the website’s lack of structure and outdated functionality kept visitors from easily accessing all available information about the farmers markets in their community.

So Markets of Broome came to Idea Kraft for a website overhaul. Their new site had to be visually cohesive and inclusive of all member farmers markets, underscoring the collective nature of the organization. They also wanted to organize their vendor profiles in a searchable database.

Web Design & Photography

It was clear from the beginning that their high-quality photography, shot by Matt Ebbers, would take center stage. We selected imagery to showcase the variety of vendor goods, from fresh produce and flowers to honey, bread, and wine.

On the homepage, earthy tones of green and orange accent seasonal vegetables and artisan baked goods from member markets. A more neutral and naturally textured background makes the sharpness of the photography pop, while a clean font makes for a seamless reading experience.

We wanted to keep that visual storytelling strong throughout the website, especially for the vendor profiles. Giving each vendor profile the chance to display a photo allows them to preview their offerings and provide a more immersive browsing experience.

Heightened Functionality

With about 30 vendors across five different member markets, Markets of Broome had the opportunity to be more than a unifying organization: It had the opportunity to be a one-stop hub for curious consumers to explore, compare, and plan their next outing.

They just needed the framework to do it. So Idea Kraft’s web development team got to work building one. That database ended up on a vendor profile page that allows visitors to search for local vendors by product, farmers market, and farming practices/certifications.

They wanted these upgrades to give their clients a better experience and get the word out about their services while better representing their mission, vision, and history.

The Result

Search functions, an accessible user interface, and a complete database make it easy for anyone to access affordable, fresh, and local goods. The refreshed web design and color palette positively promotes Markets of Broome’s member markets, supporting current and future agricultural success.

“Working with Idea Kraft on Markets of Broome has been a very positive experience. They have been flexible, responsive, and thorough throughout the entire process.

We’re excited to have a new platform to promote farmers markets in Broome County that is centralized and user-friendly. We appreciate the care and attention to detail in the final product. We highly recommend working with Idea Kraft for any project, large or small.”

Molly L. McManus, Agritourism and Marketing Coordinator