The Client

NYMAC is a grant-funded organization that connects families to genetic services and information. The organization came to Idea Kraft looking for branding and a new website that speaks to two primary audiences— healthcare professionals and patients— in addition to quite a few secondary audiences. The NYMAC/Idea Kraft partnership was a natural progression from our relationship with their sister organization, the Ferre Institute.

How We Helped

Art Direction
Web Design
Web Development

The Acronym

The acronym NYMAC previously stood for New York Mid Atlantic Consortium. As NYMAC recently expanded to the Caribbean, the decision was made to build on the existing acronym’s established equity and tweak the name to New York Mid Atlantic Caribbean to better reflect all regions served (DC, DE, MD, NJ, NY, PA, PR, USVI, VA, and WV).


The Logo

The former logo only communicated the geographic area served by NYMAC, so we created a visual mark that also communicated their mission– helping a person navigate and obtain genetic information. The hexagon shapes are a playful take on the chemical symbols you’d find in any chemistry textbook, but when you look closer, they also pay homage to NYMAC’s humanistic approach by forming the figure of a person. The final mark lets people know that while NYMAC provides genetic counseling, the organization is not clinical or cold. The bright color palette is welcoming and playfully nods to the turquoise waters of their new Caribbean service region.

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