The Client

When it comes to the litter box, cat parents are often forced into a one-size-fits-all option that rarely delivers on its promises of convenience and performance. Enter Savvy Cat Club— a new subscription-based disposable litter box company that over-delivers. We met the founders during their early phases of product development when they approached Idea Kraft for help developing a brand and e-commerce platform.

How We Helped

Art Direction
Video Production

Finally, a litter subscription that over-delivers.

The logo design is refined but flexible— just like the product itself.

A suite of illustrated Savvy cats that personify the brand spirit adds a playful element to the website and packaging. Plus, they give people more of what they want— cute cats!

The Brand

First tasked with selecting a name for the brand itself, we paid tribute to our feline friends’ refined sensibilities and street smarts with Savvy Cat Club. From there, we built out a cohesive and compelling brand identity with a fresh and authentic voice. Idea Kraft designed every touchpoint with the word “savvy” in mind— including the packaging, website, lifestyle photography and product video.

The neutral color palette works in any home and is offset with a bright pop of yellow, providing a bold accent throughout the identity.

The brand voice is fresh, straightforward and speaks directly to the target market’s pain points.


People love cats.
They just hate the litter box.

So we fixed all the things about cats’ bathrooms that stink — the odor, the dust, the dirty box – to deliver a litter subscription service that is simple, convenient and sustainable. Now doesn’t that sound like a breath of fresh air?

Product Video

As a new brand, Savvy Cat Club needed to introduce themselves. We produced a product video that succinctly outlined all of Savvy Cat Club’s features and benefits for use across web, social and performance marketing ads. The content serves to educate consumers on how easy Savvy Cat Club makes litter box duties, depicting a new litter ritual that is simple and savvy.

Unexpected, playful animations and cat illustrations follow the customer through-out the website.

We took a complex subscription model and simplified it with a quick quiz that matches customers with their perfect plan. On the back-end, we built out a scalable order management system that makes fulfillment as streamlined and automated as possible.

We paved the path to purchase with educational content that explains the Savvy Cat Club subscription model in simple, easy-to-understand steps. For customers who want to dive deeper, we created the How It Works and FAQ pages.

My company had a great product and an exciting value proposition, but that was all. Idea Kraft took us from brand strategy and logo design all the way through web development and video production, with some very unique packaging requirements addressed too. Our needs became more complex as the project unfolded, but the team at Idea Kraft jumped at the challenge. Regular communication and simplified explanations were hallmarks of the team’s engagement with us, and we ultimately pulled off a successful launch.

Ethan Day

Savvy Cat Club