The Client

Scorpion Security Products

Scorpion Security Products provides security systems for retailers big and small. Idea Kraft has been working with the company since it was a small team of engineers operating out of a commercial garage, and we have continued to work together as Scorpion has grown into a global powerhouse that partners with some of the biggest names in retail today.

How We Helped

Visual Brand Identity
UI/UX Design
Web Development
UX Copywriting
Content Marketing


When Scorpion first launched, it offered a single product line for consumer electronics like phones, tablets and laptops. Since then, Scorpion has expanded to provide security solutions for retailers across industries like food and beverage, sporting goods and big box retail, in addition to updated solutions for the latest in consumer electronics. With its ever-evolving line of products, Scorpion needed a website refresh to help users seamlessly navigate and understand their product catalog.

Scorpion security mount
Scorpion Security Product


We thoughtfully re-designed the Information Architecture to help Scorpion’s customers quickly find solutions specific to their industry. By deploying the latest responsiveness, motion and interactivity, we brought Scorpion’s products to life online. 3D renders offer users 360° views of products, while hotspots call out specific product features. The product copy outlines each product’s unique selling points, and we focused on the benefits for retailers instead of the technical details and jargon that consume the industry. The end result? A next-level online experience for Scorpion’s customers that serves as a launching pad to further expand Scorpion’s global footprint.

Product description for Phone Scorpion


High-contrast, eye-catching product photography captures the clean, sleek look that Scorpion is known for.

Smartwatch secured with Scorpion product
iPad secured with Scorpion product
iPhone secured with Scorpion product
Golf club


Alongside our web work, the Idea Kraft team works with Scorpion’s engineering and sales teams to develop content marketing campaigns that support new product launches.

Powerful. Easy. Theft-proof.