The Client

Broome County Farmers Market

Broome County Regional Farmers Market celebrates all things local to Broome County and features a once-a-week farmers market. With their mantra, “buy local, buy fresh” in our heads, we got to work producing a new logo and visual brand identity.

How We Helped

Visual brand identity
Brand support



Our Approach

Armed with a design brief depicting the client’s likes and dislikes, we began a full visual exploration starting with typefaces. The typefaces centered around a vintage look while the logo leaned into a badge-style setup. The logo evolved when we incorporated the market’s previous weathervane rooster and simplified the design for bolder impact and memorability.

Our Approach

In addition to the logo, the client had the need to expand their merchandise and was looking for some illustrations to use on shirts and tote bags. The team at Idea Kraft took a deep dive into all things local – fruit, vegetables, honey – all paired with playful copywriting and geared for screen printed production. We were also able to illustrate an additional design that builds upon the visual identity of the Farmers Market.


The Broome County Regional Farmers Market has been in operation for 5 years. During that time, we’ve been challenged to come up with a logo that illustrates our passion for supporting our local farmers. Idea Kraft took the time to listen to our needs and how we wanted to convey our image to the public. Not only did they redesign our logo, but we also had an opportunity to work with them to create some fun illustrations for merchandising and apparel. These designs created captured our mission and helped to communicate the importance of supporting your local farms and farmers markets.

Beth Roberts

Executive Director
Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County