The Client

Cooperstown Brewing Company

Cooperstown Brewing is a true small-batch brewery specializing in premium craft beer with personality. In a market saturated with local brewers, they distinguish themselves through a strong connection to Cooperstown and its baseball legacy. Idea Kraft was approached to create a new bottle label and 6 pack packaging for their new release: Bambino American Amber Ale.

Finding The Perfect Look

The objective of this project was to create a strong association with baseball, Americana, and the legend their new release was named after: Babe Ruth, who was also known as “The Bambino.” To achieve this, we took inspiration from classic baseball iconography, such as flags, buntings, vintage tickets and posters.

Vintage Look Inspires a Home Run

After exploring some classic Americana and baseball imagery, we settled on a vintage baseball ticket as the perfect source of inspiration. The bold typography and gridded layout offer that nostalgic feel we were aiming for.

After the design was approved and put into production, we eagerly awaited our chance to shoot beauty shots of the project. After much brainstorming and location scouting, we found the perfect setting in an old, rustic barn. Golden light, dust motes, and old textured wood completed the look!