The Client


AMT is a nonprofit that works with small to mid-sized manufacturers to help them become more productive, profitable and globally competitive. Looking to further expand its impact in a saturated market, AMT needed a fresh brand and website poised to compete in a dated, conservative landscape.

How We Helped

Visual brand identity
UI & UX design
Web development
Brand support

We explored a number of options around themes of innovation and progress, but ultimately landed on a monogram. The final mark pulled elements from the original mark to feel familiar, but elevated. The strong geometric nature feels reliable and sturdy, but modern.

As an established organization, AMT had quite a few branded assets that needed to be updated before launching the new brand. Our team helped with everything from business cards to proposal decks. Accounting for and prioritizing all those brand elements helped to quickly establish consistency across the AMT brand experience.

Manufacturing Exchange

By employing AMT’s branded fonts and secondary color palette, we created a sub-brand for MFG EX that fits nicely into the parent brand but is strong enough to stand on its own too.

Consistently clear page hierarchy helps keep the user experience simple, intuitive and approachable.  By iterating and building on the geometric elements of the logo, we were able to design a website that is dynamic, engaging and impactful.

Bold typography throughout AMT’s website helps to cement them as a trusted leader in the manufacturing space, while the “Safety Orange” hue of the secondary color palette draws user attention to key calls to action.

Photography of industrial workers and machines in action brings a vibrant, dynamic energy to the web experience.

AM&T has worked with Idea Kraft on several marketing projects, and the team has consistently exceeded our expectations.
The Idea Kraft team is extremely creative and professional, and they are a pleasure to work with.

Carol A. Miller

Executive Director
Alliance for Manufacturing and Technology