The Client


Kilmer Mansion is a historic building, recently renovated and on a new path as a public-use space for weddings, parties, events, and private rentals. From the home of a prominent family world-renowned as the creators of “Swamp Root,” the organization was excited to lift the curtain and allow the public to sneak a peek into the past.

How We Helped

Website Design Development


As the Kilmer Mansion entered the marketplace as a new venue option, they needed to create a brand identity and web presence that elevated the organization and established a premiere experience while giving a nod to the historical roots. Our audience also included not only those in need of a venue space, but we also needed to appeal to donors.

Bride wearing wedding dress poses in dressing room at Kilmer Mansion
Stairwell in Kilmer Mansion
Previous Kilmer Mansion logo


Kilmer Mansion crest logo



The best inspiration was right at the source–the mansion itself.

Our team took a tour of the space, paying special attention to the elaborate details in the woodwork and furnishings. Our goal was to be able to incorporate these architectural details into their identity without feeling stodgy or outdated.


Through exploration of everything from keyholes, to the angles of the roof, we settled on a crest that pulled inspiration from artwork painted in the mansion that depicted a stylized “K” for Kilmer. This final mark is boiled down to a physical representation of the family’s history and the power of their name.

Through this process, we also created an illustration of their building to use as a supporting brand icon.

To elevate the brand, we used beautiful photography to showcase the space, and the elegant font “GT Super” to provide impact and sophistication.

Timeless beauty and exceptional elegance are yours.

Timeless beauty and exceptional elegance are yours.