CWS Software

The Client


CWS Software offers a suite of HR solutions that streamline compensation management and PTO/Leave Tracking for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to companies with thousands of employees. They also provide technical support backed by a deep well of HR expertise.

How We Helped

Web Design & Development
UI/UX Design


CWS Software wanted to set themselves apart from large, all-in-one HR software companies and smaller, highly specialized competitors. So Idea Kraft focused on positioning several key benefits for the biggest impact among their audience of HR and financial leaders.

One message had to be at the forefront: that CWS Software offers top-of-the-line configuration. Their applications can be configured to meet any company’s policies and rules without custom development.

They also needed to communicate that CWS Software is designed by veterans of the HR industry, and that expertise is readily available to every client they work with.

To engage potential leads, CWS Software wanted to place a form on their homepage offering demos on a variety of topics. Their new site had to intuitively guide visitors to those opportunities to take action.

Two businesspeople review a laptop screen


Although most organizations need HR software, it’s still a niche product that isn’t widely understood. So Idea Kraft set out to design and develop a website that put people front and center instead, making CWS Software products feel totally accessible to any industry.


CWS Software offers best-of-breed solutions for the modern workplace, and the design of their new website had to reflect that – from fresh visuals to a clean color palette and dynamic graphics.

The prior design relied heavily on text to communicate who CWS Software is and how their products streamline compensation management. We created balance by introducing imagery of professional workspaces and a video of their President speaking directly to their selling points.

By cutting down on the homepage text and using color as a distinguishing tool, visitors get an instant and accurate representation of CWS Software as a sophisticated and modern brand.

Mobile screenshot demonstrating a product information page on CWS Software's new website design
Mobile screenshot demonstrating the homepage of CWS Software's new website design
Mobile screenshot demonstrating the About Us page of CWS Software's new website design


Since increased awareness was one of CWS Software’s main goals, we ensured the new website was fully optimized on the front and back end.

Our web development team focused on updating the site’s SEO and finetuning their pages to improve visibility and overall reach. On the front end, we created forms and calls to action informed by UX design principles.

Several new integrations enable CWS Software to monitor their site’s performance and other metrics. We also integrated HubSpot to collect data from forms we custom designed for increased conversions.


The approachable, clean look of the new website reflects CWS Software’s identity while UX design seamlessly guides potential leads through an informative customer journey based on their organization’s HR software needs.

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Client Collaboration

The best thing clients can give us is information about their customers, and that’s exactly what CWS Software did. Their collaboration allowed us to make appropriate recommendations and design a customer experience that aligned with their overall business goals.