Beyond project management: A standout website for Row Partners

Beyond project management: A standout website for Row Partners

Alaina GardnerNov 22, 2022

Row Partners is an owner’s representative and project management firm that came to us looking for a standout website to convey the firm’s services to prospective clients.

We were also contracted to develop Row Partners’ brand strategy, voice and story. This preceded the website design because it would drive content. We surveyed target audiences, refined brand positioning, and brought together brand strategy and voice to create a compelling narrative.

With a brand story that communicated Row Partners’ value proposition, we were ready to kick off the website design phase.

The website needed to attract big clients in the commercial, residential and cultural sectors across New York and the Tri-state area. To make it stand out, we focused on large visuals and bold typography. This gives weight to the brand narrative with simple yet effective communication. We wanted to deliver a clear message and visually differentiate Row Partners from competitor firms.

A creative homepage design emphasizing process, state-of-the-art tools, client testimonials and featured projects helps prospective clients envision working with Row Partners. We modernized their portfolio with large visuals to highlight the projects in their repertoire.

Projects grid of interior spaces with modern window view of city

Row Partners website Projects page preview

It’s important that the website guides users the way the firm guides the client through the decision-making process. The call to action at the bottom of the page has a personalized touch, and we also reinforce that they provide project leadership specifically for the built environment by using animated type in a minimal footer.

It can be a challenge to provide a strong creative face to a traditional business. Idea Kraft thrives on challenges and presented a solution that did that while reinforcing Row Partners’ value proposition. Interested in how we can help you stand out? Get in touch.

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