The College

SUNY Cortland prides itself on being one of New York’s top public comprehensive colleges and the total package for prospective undergraduates seeking a well-rounded academic, athletic and social experience. For nearly 150 years, students have chosen to attend Cortland because the institution offers an excellent education at an affordable cost. Graduates have gone on to make a difference in education, business, government, fitness, medicine and many other fields. At the same time, the College has transformed in recent years, with emerging academic programs, a more diverse student population and $200 million in campus construction. Expanding the college branding would be essential to their growth.

The IDEA KRAFT team has completed a comprehensive visual identity for SUNY Cortland which includes secondary marks, dragon illustrations, heritage mark and sport club identity.

Secondary Marks

SUNY Cortland college branding C
SUNY Cortland Red Dragons badge
SUNY Cortland college branding block logo
SUNY Cortland Facilities Operation and Services logo

In addition to the main secondary logo, the Idea Kraft team developed a badge version with the Red Dragon head to be used in more informal settings. All new marks can be paired up with a friendly sans serif typeface called Agenda or a secondary, sporty condensed font called Abolition.

SUNY Cortland Red Dragon badge

To stop the creation of off brand imagery, our team created a flexible and customizable system for club sports. The new system allows for campus wide unity and reinforces the idea of everyone being a Red Dragon. We also established a larger library of illustrative details and poses to use for further branding expansion.

Sport Club Identity

SUNY Cortland Golf Club logo
SUNY Cortland Women's Ultimate Frisbee logo

Dragon Illustration

For sport club identity marks and illustrations, we partnered with Phoenix Design Works.

The kind and friendly team at Idea Kraft were attentive and responsive to our concerns. They can be relied upon to provide good work, service and insight.

Tracy Rammacher

Director of Marketing, SUNY Cortland