Idea Kraft is turning 10

Celebrate what we’ve accomplished, and the memories we’ve made over the past decade.

  • Moving in to Lackawanna Train Station


    Moving in to Lackawanna Train Station

    Idea Kraft started in the founder’s basement, but soon, after just a few months, we found our new home at the historic Lackawanna Train Station in downtown Binghamton, New York.

  • Catlights



    This was one of our very first accounts and to this day, we are proud of the work we have done, building this brand. Because of this long-term relationship, Idea Kraft exists today. Best part? Visiting Caterpillar headquarters in Peoria, Illinois.

  • Business Plan Competition


    Business Plan Competition

    Having the city of Binghamton welcome our business to downtown and then winning this competition was the icing on the cake. We also learned how to actually write a good business plan.

  • Yoga in the studio


    Yoga in the studio

    We like to keep our Friday afternoons interesting.

  • Hello Binghamton Book


    Hello Binghamton Book

    One of the biggest projects to support our community. The “Hello Binghamton” book captures the Southern Tier’s diverse style, spirit, and resilience. From little boutiques and eateries to historical venues, we help share the story of our neighborhood through our lens and collective experience.

  • Inaugural Re-Kraft Event


    Inaugural Re-Kraft Event

    The team spent a weekend creating a new brand and website for one lucky winner, kicking off our most notable annual event.

  • Speaking at Create Upstate


    Speaking at Create Upstate

    Erinn and Alaina represented Idea Kraft, giving a presentation on our Re-Kraft event. We were honored to share the stage with so many amazing designers, developers and creators.

  • Chamber Brand Launch Event


    Chamber Brand Launch Event

    This Rebrand Bash was one of our most successful rebranding events of the decade, and was the beginning of our long-term relationship with this amazing organization.

  • NOLA Expansion


    NOLA Expansion

    Our business partner, Chris, helped with our expansion to New Orleans, which resulted in many, interesting projects. Our IG feed definitely benefited from beautiful, local scenes.

  • IK Weddings


    IK Weddings

    We are a close knit team in and out of the office and love celebrating each other’s significant milestones.

  • LUMA VIP parties


    LUMA VIP parties

    When we were asked to participate in our community’s most innovative event, we could not say no. For a few years, we organized and designed a fabulous pop up event while also flexing our bartending muscles.

  • Suny Cortland Branding


    Suny Cortland Branding

    We had been knocking on SUNY Cortland’s doors for a while, and we finally made it in. We love this project! It allowed us to take our illustration skills to the next level.




    Although many of us have never been to Southern Brooklyn, this project and our work with this organization has been close to our hearts from the start, and has developed into a long-term relationship. Good work leads to more good work.

  • Quotes gone wrong


    Quotes gone wrong

    Quoting a small 150-product e-commerce store that actually had over 10,000 SKUs due to product variations.

  • Savvy Cat video


    Savvy Cat video

    We designed every touchpoint in branding of the Savvy Cat Brand with the word “savvy” in mind— including packaging and the litter box itself. But the highlight of the project was producing the video while trying to wrangle 4 cats and getting them to act!

  • Delivery fiascos


    Delivery fiascos

    Trying to figure out plan-B when a palette of product was left in a snowstorm, or rerouting a truck full of custom tape!

  • Winning HYPE Creative Award


    Winning HYPE Creative Award

    In 2020 Erinn was thrilled to take home the HYPE award from the Chamber of Commerce.

  • Sushi at Phantom Chef


    Sushi at Phantom Chef

    We were never shy about our love for good food, so what can be better than cooking and eating together?

  • Halloween Tradition


    Halloween Tradition

    We take Halloween seriously, and it’s one of the most fun days in our office.

  • Winning Entrepreneur of the Year


    Winning Entrepreneur of the Year

    Our founder Ewelina Zajac-Holdrege has been named a 2021 Entrepreneur of the Year in a statewide competition! Ewelina is one of six awardees selected by New York State’s Entrepreneurial Assistance Centers. The award recognizes Ewelina not only for her entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen but also for her economic and community impact.

  • Binghamton University Mentoring


    Binghamton University Mentoring

    From guest speaking lectures to internships, Idea Kraft collaborates with our local SUNY school to provide hands-on opportunities for future designers, writers and marketers. Almost every year, we host a student group in our office to talk shop, and showcase our work and process.

Join us for a new decade of ideas!