The Client

Philosophically Built

Philosophically Built’s mission is to inspire their members to enhance how their body functions, and to build their athlete’s peak performance. This unique fitness studio combines strength and cardio training to allow for a more durable and mobile body that can handle any situation.

The Challenge

To live philosophically is to pursue the truth, whether via form and technique, in diet and or in character. Their old branding and web presence didn’t reflect this. It needed to be bolder, stronger and convey the warrior spirit. To do what is right in the moment even if it’s not the easy thing to do. This is what defines a “warrior”. Before we started the project, we had numerous conversations with the owner to hear his story and the passion he has for helping his clients grown.

“I want PB to be a place where people go to stay on track. A place that helps holds people accountable to their growth inside and outside of the gym. It’s more than just exercise, it’s a mindset of growth.” Said Blake Hickey.

The Solution

Our brief was clear and right to the point: deliver an identity that conveys not only the fitness aspect of working out but opportunity to become stronger physically and mentally in any aspect of life. We redefined the look and feel of the brand to affect every customer touch point, from business card, apparel to website and social media and help the business grow.

Ewelina and her team at Idea Kraft are the best in the business. They went above and beyond in creating my businesses image allowing us to accurately portray our message to the world. Idea Kraft’s creativity and ability to create what I had in my mind through design is extraordinary. I always felt like I was a priority and they were there to do whatever necessary in order to make my vision a reality.

Blake Hickey,
Owner of Philosophically Built

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