The Client

NYS Community Schools Technical Assistance Centers

Idea Kraft was approached by Binghamton University Community Schools (BCUS) to help establish and maintain a statewide, web-based support system for the NYSED Community Schools TAC initiative. This involved everything from brand creation, to website and user experience (UX) design. We created a framework and developed a website to serve as the central resource hub for all three regional Technical Assistance Centers.

The Challenge

Establishing this new system required in-depth planning, as much of the content was still in development at the start of the project. We researched domain names before beginning the logo design, and we discussed maintenance of the website before developing a framework to best meet the needs of all three regional TACs. During the discovery and planning phases we created a temporary landing page with a short introduction and inquiry form. This helped us gain valuable feedback early on, as well as populate a list of contacts and generate excitement before launch.

Animated logo New York State Community Schools Technical Assistance Centers

The Solution

As leaders in this initiative, the NYS Community Schools Technical Assistance Centers needed a logo that would be traditional and professional, but also vibrant and engaging. We chose an open book concept where three come together at the center, and bright colors for an innovative look.

NYS Community Schools TAC
NYS Community Schools TAC Central/Western Region
NYS Community Schools TAC Eastern Region
NYS Community Schools TAC NYC Region


Abstract graphic with communication and involvement
Abstract graphic with classroom
Abstract graphic with books and community
Magnifying glass graphic

The website needed to communicate what they do, what a community school is, and how to find resources instantaneously. It’s important that visitors have easy access to events and webinars, and are able to identify their regional TAC and fill out a needs assessment form. This makes information architecture (IA) and messaging essential. We used copywriting and user-centered design to accomplish these goals. We also developed an intuitive back end for the many roles involved from each TAC, so that staff could easily access information and make updates to their pages.


Interactive Map and Needs Assessment Form

We developed a custom map that makes it easy for visitors to identify their regional TAC, without having to look at an overwhelming list or scroll through an endless dropdown. Hovering over their county identifies their region, and directs them straight to their corresponding TAC.

Forms are also set up to send inquiries straight to the correct regional contact, providing fast and efficient service.

Animated interactive map of NYS regions
Tablets showing each regional home page
Join us as we prepare to launch our website landing page

Temporary Landing Page

A temporary landing page was set up to generate excitement and spread word about the initiative and coming resources. Many users signed up for the mailing list.

TAC Almanac Grow Your Community School

Email Newsletter

We also created sub-branding for the email newsletter, in line with the over all brand.

TAC Almanac Newsletter
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