The Client

Liberty Partnerships Program

The Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP) connects middle and high school students with a comprehensive support system to prepare them for higher education, career planning, and adult life.

The Binghamton University Liberty Partnerships Program (BU/LPP) supports 360 students each year. Full-time staff members dedicated to identifying and supporting students, are placed in each school to fully integrate the program’s support services into the districts.

Liberty Partnerships logo

The Challenge

Advancing an organization

Liberty Partnerships helps students reach their full potential, but they needed our help to take their organization to the next level. As an affiliate of Binghamton University, they had a brief informational subpage on the University website. However, they had no web presence to fully showcase their initiatives, services, and impressive outcomes. Idea Kraft was tasked with creating a website to communicate LPP’s mission and success stories, and connect them with program participants and the community as a whole.

The Solution

Creating a cohesive look

By building an engaging website that can easily be kept up to date, we heightened awareness of this non-profit organization. As a result, this made their work more visible. Their success stories and services can be found quickly, and contacting them and making a donation is much easier.

Through on-going support, we’re also helping them connect with their existing members and donors. The website provides the framework needed to expand their marketing initiatives. We scheduled photoshoots to give their collateral a personal touch and created marketing materials they could easily share.

Liberty Partnership brochure
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