The Client

L2 Studio

L2 studio is a young, progressively minded architectural firm with 2 partners that have fully embraced emerging technology as a powerful way to better represent their work and stay connected.

The Challenge

As is true with any new company, L2 was not an identifiable competitor in the architecture industry. They needed a branding solution that would not only set them apart in terms of the quality of their work, but also create a young, professional, progressive identity for their studio. Ideally, they needed a mark that would be easily identifiable and also applicable to the many uses that are specific to their industry.

The Solution

The brand needed to reflect the work values of both partners, while also embracing an architectural mind-set. Idea Kraft began by developing visual ideas strongly grounded in blueprint drafting and building materials concepts. Right angles and deconstructed shapes were a strong part of the process as the L2 brand was developed.

After collaborating closely with the client and working up various sketches and drawings, a very simple design solution emerged. Why don’t we create a simple and specific look by clipping corners? The concept of clipping corners was, of course, embedded in the logo design, but it was then also artfully replicated by literally creating designs with clipped corners for physical materials such as business cards, folders, and other print collateral. A simple and small idea…delivers a big impact.

When we started our company, we struggled internally with the design of our corporate logo, and other graphic materials; never feeling completely satisfied with our results. Then we engaged with Idea Kraft, and they took the raw concepts and identity that we were striving for and developed something new; coaxing us in a direction that we didn’t anticipate. The understated simplicity and elegance of their creation captured everything we had hoped for.

Corey Layton,
Founding Partner of L2Studio

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