The Client

Ferre Institute

Ferre Institute promotes the health of individuals and families by providing information and education about genetics, infertility, environmental exposures, and family history; and integrating advances in these areas into personal health management.

The Challenge

Redefine The Identity Structure Of A Multifaceted Organization.

Although Ferre Institute is the parent brand, a multitude of additional programs are offered, each requiring their own identity overhaul. The original logos felt dated, hard to read, and unrelated. Our goal was to create a branding system that felt cohesive and united all the brands through similar colors, styles, and typefaces. Each program needed to work on its own, as well as part of a package. We also needed to brand additional programs that did not have branding.

Logos Before

Logos After

The Look

Ferre Institute

The new look for the Ferre system branding is modern, simple, and approachable. The colors are bright and keep a similar palette across the board. Sans-serif typography completes the unified look.

While transitioning the identity, the next step was to redesign the website. Ferre Institute is the parent brand, but eventually planned to transition out, so Ferre Genetics could take over. We kept both of these sites similar, so the transition was more seamless. In addition, the sites were bold and grid-like in look. The bold imagery and typography allowed for easier navigation. To further simplify the process, we kept child brand websites simple, and similar in look as well.

Ferre Institute

Ferre Genetics

Infertility Education

Pregnancy Risk Network

The Experience

Cohesive Package

Overall, the project was a success in creating a united front. Outdated looks became modern and more approachable. Clearer messaging and improved information architecture provides a greater sense of trustworthiness.

The identity spanned from the logos and reached both the collateral pieces and also the website. With the new branding intact, the organization is ready to step into the future and concentrate on helping those who need it.

We approached Idea Kraft because our non-profit organization needed to update five websites and re-evaluate our branding for a much-needed “face-lift”. Ewelina, Jocelyn and team helped us by taking a fresh look at our older logos and web designs. The results were more modern, easy to use websites and logos that related well to each other both in design and function. We especially appreciated their outstanding communication with all our staff during this process, as well as their great pricing and turn-around-time. We found the experience both positive and professional and would highly recommend Idea Kraft to any business in need of rebranding support.

Patricia Bush,
Program Development & Outreach, Ferre Insitute, Inc

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