The Client

Water Street Brewing Co.

Water Street Brewing Co. was the first modern brewery in Binghamton. After years of serving excellent beer and delicious food, the owners decide to expand their offerings into a line of tasty condiments. Starting with a Spicy Drunken Mustard made with their own beer, the line was going to grow with hot and barbeque sauces.

Fat Crow pub style bavarian mustard bottle on a transparent background
Pencil sketch of a crow drawn in an open notebook that was place on a table with coffee and pencil shavings
Fat Crown mustard black and yellow label concept that features a sketch of a large crow
Fat Crow spicy drunken mustard label typographic concept
Fat Crow spicy drunken mustard yellow label with small friendly outline sketch of a white crow

The Challenge

Take it to the next level

When Idea Kraft started working on these labels, we knew it was important to make a killer label that stood out from other products on the shelf. They needed some edge to go with the bad ass brewery they were coming from. Direction from the client started out as, “what if the illustration was a crow pecking out someone’s eyeballs?” Point taken.

While we didn’t go quite that far, we loved the enthusiasm and freedom to explore. We got to work hand sketching crow illustrations and custom typography. We wanted to play with a distressed and grungy look and really took the time to explore this direction.

The Solution

Simple is best

Ultimately, we ended up going in a more subtle and simple approach to the design so that the details of the edgier crow really stood out. We also kept the background simple so that the distressed typography stood out, and we could also incorporate color coding for other products.

In the end, the badass illustration and typography draws the consumer in, while the stark contrast of the black and white allows the color of the product and product coding to pop. To elevate the packaging even further, we arranged an in-office photoshoot complete with food styling to showcase the product in the best light possible.

Fat Crow mustard bottle and hot sauce bottle
Fat Crow labels made by Idea Kraft on mustard and hot sauce bottles
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