Binghamton Hots

your fast food

The Client

Binghamton HOTS first opened as a late-night fast food joint for college students, but the restaurant quickly established itself as a downtown staple for students and locals alike. They’re best known for serving upstate classics like hot plates and spiedies in a casual dining atmosphere.

The Challenge

HOTS recruited the Idea Kraft team to refine their branding and update their website. Binghamton’s restaurant scene has exploded in recent years, so we needed to design a website and brand identity that highlights HOTS’s niche menu and helps the eatery stand apart from its competitors.


The Solution

Idea Kraft created a website that is interactive, easy to navigate and seamlessly incorporates graphic elements our team designed for the restaurant’s menu and packaging. The site showcases HOTS’s mouthwatering food with eye-catching photography and custom illustrations, and we added bold CTA buttons that engage users and make the overall experience more interactive and personalized. By reorganizing the site’s content and layout, we were able to simplify navigation and make the user experience intuitive and effortless. HOTS’s franchise information had previously lived on a completely separate website, and we recommended integrating that info onto the new website. And given the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, it was imperative that we made sure customers can quickly and easily place online orders for pick up or delivery. The finished product is simultaneously functional and visually engaging, and it is a fitting update for a business that has grown exponentially in recent years.