When Redesigning a Website, Improving the Look is Only the Tip of the Iceberg

When Redesigning a Website, Improving the Look is Only the Tip of the Iceberg

Here’s a glimpse beneath the surface of an effective redesign.

At Idea Kraft, we recently launched a brand new website for eni, an employee benefits provider specializing in integrated solutions.

Having emerged as an industry leader in providing customized solutions to a national customer base, eni tasked us with reflecting this evolution and advancing their market presence.

This involved:

  • Deep restructuring of content
  • Seamless integration with third-party marketing automation software
  • Improving the administrator interfaces
  • Focused messaging for target audiences
  • Consistency across new campaign initiatives

The Home Page

The home page redesign incorporates a brand new video that we shot on location, telling a much more authentic story reflective of the life-event driven integrated benefit solution. We used subtle animation to communicate what eni does with a stronger, more concise statement. Conversational copy, improved hierarchy, and brand presence all make the home page more personable.



Lost In Translation

It’s imperative that your site make sense to your intended audience.

As eni’s services grew, an overlap of tailored offerings led to confusion. Why are there so many buttons? Which service is right for me? Where can I find what I’m looking for? Who do I contact? Which login do I use?

We made sure to do our research and gain a solid understanding of eni’s inner workings and goals, starting by differentiating their services. Next we mapped out user flows, took note of pain points as well as what was working, and developed a more streamlined site map. Before, content was disorganized and repetitive, lacking hierarchy.


Content audit / information architecture

Following best practices for navigation and SEO, we implemented a new structure that caters to HR professionals, brokers, executives, members, and providers. By clarifying the services offered to individual markets, we saw an increase in conversions, improved customer relationships, and better ranking for eniweb.com.

Ease Of Use

Now that they know what they want, they have to be able to get to it.

Once your site makes sense to prospects, the next step is making sure it’s accessible. This means clear and consistent navigation, meaningful link text, organized content, predictable interactivity, and adaptable code, among other requirements. We simplified the navigation and applied these standards to create a more intuitive interface.


We were also hired to overhaul marketing materials and digital strategy, with the specific goal of increasing qualified leads.

This involved improving the existing setup of third-party marketing software to better integrate and utilize its robust capabilities.

Over the past month (post-launch) we’ve seen a +633.3% net increase in new prospects. This is a major feat.

Calls to action integrated with salesforce

Key Audiences

In addition to HR professionals, brokers, executives, members, and providers, we optimized for PR.

Below you can see a before and after, demonstrating how much quicker it is for publishers to find press releases.

Transitioning from several steps to one makes it easier for publishers to get to, and a clear contact at the top encourages engagement.

We removed the secondary tab navigation not only for efficacy but also because competitor publications shouldn’t be mixed in.or feat.


eni mobile navigation video



The last topic I’m going to cover in this post is consistency. We redesigned eni’s email marketing templates as well, and all of this corresponds with the new website in tone, visual style, and customer experience.

eni email mockup on Iphone before rebrand


eni website show on an iPhone mockup


Plain text email screenshot

Plain Text Alternative

There are multiple factors to be considered on the back-end for proper email development. The above example illustrates a more responsive design with a clear call to action, which increased click-through rates. It’s best practice to always include a plain text alternative.

Some other factors to consider are:

  • Graceful degradation—as Ted Goas writes in Why don’t email clients use modern rendering engines? “The primary job of an email client is to render emails, not web pages.” We must consider this and design responsibly.
  • File size
  • Text-to-image, and text-to-link ratio
  • Alternative text, which can be styled
  • Preheader text
  • Responsive design
  • Subject lines
  • A/B Testing

In Conclusion

A viable redesign requires many thoughtful decisions, and not all of them are front-facing. Considerations must be made for administrators within the company (saving valuable time to update content and directing customers to the right places, for example.) Considerations must also be made for investing in the future success of the company.

A proper website redesign is built to last and allows for continued evolution over time.

Adaptable code, documentation, truly responsive design, and scalability are all pertinent. So is taking advantage of analytics testing, to improve the experience for each end user. At Idea Kraft, we provide longterm value by delving deep and focusing on all of these matters when entrusted with a web redesign. The quality beyond what first meets the eye differentiates us from many agencies, and we look forward to digging into every iceberg that floats our way.