Meet Our New Web Developer: Amy Andrews

Meet Our New Web Developer: Amy Andrews

We are excited to grow our team by bringing Amy Andrews to our Web Development team. She brings her years of development to bring the best experience to our clients.

Why did you want to work for Idea Kraft?
Prior to my last job, I have always worked at small agencies and wanted to go back to that environment. I also wanted to get back into coding WordPress websites.

What is your favorite thing to do in Binghamton?
Going out and watching local bands play. My husband plays drums in a 90’s cover band called Al Gore Rhythm and I love watching the Egomaniacs as well!

Guilty Pleasure

Design Crush
My husband of course! He works as a Designer for Automattic and is currently working on

Favorite Web feature?
Subtle animations that aren’t too over the top

Last book you read or show you binge watched
I just finished watching Game of Thrones and it was so good that it only took me a month to get through 6 seasons!

Best place to travel is?
Anywhere that has a quiet beach! For my next vacation my husband and I are going to Antigua!

How do you like your steak?