Meet Allison Young

Meet Allison Young

Our new Creative Copywriter and Content Strategist

We’ve expanded the Idea Kraft team to include our first in-house copywriter! Allison graduated this spring from Binghamton University with a degree in English rhetoric, bringing a fresh eye to content and a passion for storytelling.

Why did you want to work at Idea Kraft?

I had seen Idea Kraft’s work really elevate Binghamton’s small businesses and become a staple of the city’s rapid growth. I love Binghamton and wanted to directly be a part of its developing art and design scene. Idea Kraft also embodies everything I had hoped to focus my creative energy on after graduation: writing, working with people, helping small businesses and learning more about marketing. Being surrounded by so many incredible female co-workers is also very inspiring.

Best writing advice

Stephen King wrote in his memoir and writing guide, On Writing, “Good description is a learned skill, one of the prime reasons why you cannot succeed unless you read a lot and write a lot. It’s not just a question of how-to, you see; it’s also a question of how much to. Reading will help you answer how much, and only reams of writing will help you with the how. You can learn only by doing.”

Favorite band?

Rubblebucket! They’re a big funk/rock band with an incredible female lead singer who plays baritone saxophone. I also sing and play sax, so seeing her perform is really fun. Their concerts tend to focus on social justice issues, and there’s always a ton of confetti and balloons. I’ve seen them live five times now and it never gets old.

What show are you currently watching?

Westworld. I love sci-fi and unpredictability, and this series has it all!

Quick writing tips

Show, don’t tell. It’s easy to say you can do something; it’s more interesting to prove it. Get rid of the passive voice–you want to assign agency to those verbs! Also, avoid lofty adverbs and descriptions; people don’t like feeling talked down to when they read. Edit, edit, and then edit some more.

Favorite thing to do in Binghamton?

I love walking around downtown on First Friday. I get to hear my favorite local bands, grab some great food see all the artists show off their work!

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Fried pickles, please!