Chloe Capital connected with Idea Kraft to develop a fresh brand and new website that would be as progressive as they are. We met Chloe Capital through the nonprofit Upstate Venture Connect while working to strengthen entrepreneurial activity in the greater Binghamton area, and our teams formed a great relationship over a mutual passion for reducing the gender gap. This venture capital firm dedicated to investing in women-led tech companies needed a brand that accurately depicted their professionality and established credibility.

The Logo

First, we tackled the logo. Chloe Capital had been using different versions of their old logo inconsistently across platforms, which made their organization difficult to recognize. We used a serif typeface and tweaked the spacing and alignment for better readability. We also added a pop of color to the “i” that gives the branding flexibility and playfulness. The palette is professional, yet human, and maintains the teal color from their previous logo to build on their brand equity.

The Layout

As we moved forward with web development, we focused on designing a clean and high-end layout that looked less like a theme. We implemented a modular typographic scale that responds to changing screen sizes for a pleasant, modern reading experience. The site’s additional interactive elements, such as images and headlines, move with the user to reinforce Chloe Capital’s tech-focused market and keep visitors engaged.

We wanted users to feel invited and comfortable exploring the site. Our unique layout calls out important information, embodies a sense of connection and promotes social involvement. And instead of guessing what was best for potential customers, we went straight to the source. Our A/B user testing for the contact page showed us the most effective way to establish hierarchy and help users get involved with Chloe Capital.

Ease of Use

While user experience is always a priority during web development, we understand that our clients are users, too. When Chloe Capital switched to using Airtable (a spreadsheet database) internally, we adapted to incorporate it into the new site and make sure it was easy to maintain. In the end, we had a website optimized for speed and SEO with clean code and only the essential features.

Chloe Capital successfully promotes diversity and inclusion in entrepreneurship and venture capital, and now their website is much like their mission: it just makes sense.

Full view of the new Chloe Capital website homepage that shows the portfolio of companies Chloe works with and their views on Investing in Women.